[로컬라이프] Hwaseong City, Winter Vacation Special Lecture ‘Youth Sports Class’ Recruitment

Recruitment of 5 sports including track and field, kendo, ssireum, badminton, and soft tennis by the 20th
Operated by talent donation by the Workplace Sports and Sports Department of Hwaseong City

Photo/Hwaseong City Hall (Photo courtesy of Hwaseong City)

Hwaseong City is running a sports class for the winter vacation for elementary and middle school students in the city.

This youth sports class is operated with a talent donation from the Workplace Sports and Sports Department of Hwaseong City, with a total of five events: Athletics, Kendo, Ssireum, Badminton, and Soft Tennis.

The program runs from December to February 2023, and it varies by event.

The target audience is a total of 94 elementary and middle school students residing in Hwaseong. It is a lottery system, not on a first-come, first-served basis, and 20% of the total number of participants will be selected first for the vulnerable.

Only elementary school students can participate in kendo, ssireum, and badminton, while track and field and soft tennis are open to elementary and middle school students.

To apply for participation, download the application form from the Hwaseong City website ( and submit it via email ( by the 20th.

Education is free of charge, and accident insurance is provided during the training period. However, personal items must be prepared by the participant.

Park Mi-rang, head of the Sports Promotion Division, said, “I would like to thank the athletes of the Workplace Athletics Department who participated in the talent donation.

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