Youth League: great victory for PSG on the ground of Benfica, defending champion

The full box continues for the Titis! Under the eyes of Luis Campos, who came to attend the meeting, the young guard of Zoumana Camara offered himself a great victory on the ground of Benfica (0-1), this Wednesday in the Youth League, thanks to a goal from Ilyes Housni . A great performance since Benfica won the Youth League on April 25 by dominating Salzburg in the final 6-0. Paris takes its third victory in as many matches and prances at the top of its group, taking a serious option for qualification. Juventus, second, is relegated to 5 units.

What you must remember

It was not, however, a walk in the park. Jostled by a more experienced Benfica team on paper, PSG faced a very tough opponent who put his foot on the ball for a long time to deprive Ayman Kari and his band of any creativity in the midfield. During the first half, the locals showed their dominance by passing the ball with ease. Without worrying the goalkeeper Louis Mouquet. Paris even got the first clear chance through Ilyes Housni (9th). Always very active on the front of the attack, the young striker struggled in a not easy match where he had to chain races.

With the entry of Queyrell Tchicamboud at the break, Paris went looking higher. Housni, with a beautiful bicycle, again put the opposing goalkeeper to work (53rd), before Benfica regained the hair of the beast. Driven by its athletic density and the technical ease of its executives, the Lisboans, reigning champions, fought hard in the hope of offering a great victory to the thousand of supporters who came to encourage them. It was without counting on the defense of Paris which held until the end with at its head a remarkable captain (El Hannach).

Over the minutes, seeing his opponent unable to score, PSG was right to believe it. Well served by Tchicamboud, Housni came to offer success to Titis by sliding the ball from the left into the opposing cage (0-1, 80th). His 13th goal of the season, already, the 4th in the Youth League.

The 17-year-old striker is PSG’s in-form man these days. He had scored a sextuplet in the league last Saturday. Benfica tried everything to equalize in the last moments, but Louis Mouquet definitely had no intention of going for the ball in the back of his net this Wednesday. The young Parisian goalkeeper made two decisive saves in added time. Heroic in the image of the group.

Player: Younes El Hannach

Aligned in the axis of the defense at three, captain Younes El Hannach made a very good copy, like his friends Nehemiah Fernandez-Veliz and Hugo Lamy. Author of several interventions to cut off the opposing offensives, he showed authority to win in the duels. His sense of placement has done a lot of good. He signs two huge comebacks at the end of the game.

The number: 5

More than a detail at kick-off. Five of the eleven Portuguese holders usually play with the B team of Benfica in the second division (Moreira, Semedo, Jevsenak, Tomé, Neves) and rub shoulders with adult football. We can add the midfielder Cher N’Dour, a beautiful baby of one meter 90 who came into play in the second half and who has already participated in 7 games with the Lisbon reserve since the start of the season.


Half-time: 0-0

Spectators: 1,200

Arbitre : Henrik Nalbandyan (ARM)

But : Housni (80e)

Warnings. Benfica: Ferreira (22nd), Semedo (29th), Coser (83rd). PSG: Diawara (71st)

Benfica : Gomes – Tomé (Melro, 87e), Jevsenak, Coser, Spencer – J. Neves, N. Félix (Faria, 78e), Ferreira (Precatado, 64e), – D. Moreira, Semedo (Dju, 78e), H Felix (N’Dour, 64e). in : Araujo.

PSG: Mouquet – Lamy, El Hannach (cap), Fernandez-Veliz – Zague, Kari, Bagbema (Diawara, 63rd), Muntu Wa Mungu – Lemina (Tchicamboud, 46th), Gharbi – Housni. Entr. : Camera.



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