Xabi Alonso: Leverkusen? “I was waiting for the right moment”

Xabi Alonso introduced himself as the new coach of Bayer 04 Leverkusen this Thursday and talked about his game idea – and humorously about his own fitness level.

Responsible for Bayer 04 with immediate effect: Xabi Alonso.


Xabi Alonso, who was announced as his successor after the dismissal of Gerardo Seoane on Wednesday, has held his first press conference – and talked about a lot in a mix of German and English. About over…

… his Bundesliga debut next Saturday (3.30 p.m.), when it comes directly against Schalke: “I’m looking forward to it. I’m very motivated.”

… the difficult situation in the tableau, having to attack from the penultimate place with the Werkself, who only win if they win: “For the team, for the club and for the fans, it’s very important now to be and stay positive.”

This is a fresh start for the team.

… the decision for Leverkusen: “I’ve been waiting for the right moment and I feel like it’s the right moment. I have a lot of ambition and motivation to help the club.”

… his lack of experience as a head coach: “I’ve been training to be a coach one day. Now I’ve taken this step because it feels like it’s the right step. I feel ready for it, I’ve talked to people at the club and made it clear that I’m highly motivated am.”

… his thoughts towards the future: “Time is a luxury in football. We have a lot to do, I need to get to know the players and connect and find out what the mood is like.”

… his game idea: “We want to play modern football, intensively with and without the ball. And we need a great winning mentality.”

… his own fitness and a possible comeback as a field player if all else fails personally in Leverkusen: “It’s been five years since my career ended…I’m not fit anymore. That time is over, it’s a different time now.”

… what he can give to the team: “My motivation, my hunger to succeed and my belief that we can improve and win. It’s a fresh start for the team, it should give the team new energy. That’s my goal.”

… the Bundesliga: “Obviously I’ve continued to follow the league. The teams have different approaches, which is exciting. There are great coaches, including many young people. That’s great for the league, which is always improving. The league is very appealing.”



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