Women’s Basketball World Cup Australia 2022 | All the news: China, Canada and Australia, to break the hegemony of the United States since 2006

En the semifinals of the 2006 World Cup, an event occurred that is already historic. The elimination of the United States in a great basketball championship. It has not happened again, and they will seek to continue their hegemony by entering, without fail, in the semifinals of the 2022 World Cup in Australia. They will face Canadaone of the surprises for his combativeness throughout the World Cup.

The United States passed over (88-55) Serbia. The Balkans were in the game until the 11th minute, when the scoring partial fell that explains what the defending champions are. From 42-33 to 58-33 at 25′. Based on a total loss in rebounding (52-35) and a poor shooting card, with 31.5% in TC and 25% from the triple. A’Ja Wilson, the most outstanding of the favorites, with 15 points and 8 rebounds.

Their semifinals will be against Canada, which also had no difficulty beating Puerto Rico. From the start, with an 11-26 start. Five players had double figures, Nurse, Carleton, Achonwa, Colley and Amihere. 36 years later they fight again for a medal, and with a Spanish coach at the controls, Vctor Lapea.

Australia – China

The second semifinal measure the other great favorite, Australia. The hostess continues solidly, and beat a Belgium from the start that has lost all the inner power that defines it. Initially, Tolo and Jackson opened the margin, which they later executed with Cayla George with 19 points off the bench.

His rival will be the surprising China, because they beat a France that Fauthoux’s heroics were not enough (19 points with 8/15). China broke the game before the break (50-39) and did not let go of the margin. The Asian power fight for metals.



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