Why did the Flea give River a joy?

River is in the doldrums, relegated in the tournament to nine points behind the leader Atlético de Tucumán (with 18 at stake) and out of the Copa Argentina in the quarterfinals, due to penalties against Patronato. And so, the only possible chance to go to the Copa Libertadores next year, if you don’t win the local tournament (something far away), it’s to enter the annual table.

Today the Doll team is inside, with three advantage over Argentinos, whom he faces as a visitor on Sunday from 8:45 p.m.. And it is located to six of Students, with the good news of Pincha’s surprise loss at home against Colón, with two goals from Pulga Rodríguez. An incentive for El Millo, who on Wednesday hosts Estudiantes, beaten and with a lead of six.

With Boca classified (Champion of the League Cup) and the one that arrives by Copa Argentina (the runner-up if Boca repeats the title), there are three slots for accumulating points in addition to the champion. Today River is classified by accumulation of points, along with Racing and Gimnasia. In case this championship is won by Boca or Racing (or Lobo, but it seems impossible), there would be one more quota from the general table, which would offer four seats; so in that case I would give River a plus. It is different if the turn is given by Atlético de Tucumán: there would be only three places left for the Libertadores.

Another positive fact for River in the annual table: the great goal difference: it has +30, above all those who are in the fight above, which gives it an advantage in case of equality of points.


This is the table today. If Racing, Boca or Gymnastics win the tournament, one more quota is opened.



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