Why Cristiano Ronaldo does not have tattoos and does not consume alcohol: here, details

Since he made his professional debut, the Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has established himself as one of the most competitive in the world. Proof of this will perhaps be his last participation in the World Cups, taking into account that Qatar 2022 It would be the fifth time that he faces the most important tournament in the world at the national team level.

His legacy is already written in the history of football as he was, along with Lionel Messi, the players who were at the top of football for the last 15 years.

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It is no secret to anyone that he is an example to follow for many little ones who dream of being footballers at some point, which is why he has taken it upon himself to always give the best possible image. In fact, He is one of the few players who does not have a single tattoo on his body and who is not attracted to alcoholic beverages.

The reasons why the Portuguese made the decision not to mark his body and not drink alcoholic beverages are deeper than many believe.

In the case of alcohol, the 37-year-old tries to stay as far away from these drinks as possible, since his father, José Dinis Aveiro, died at the age of 52 as a result of alcoholism. What’s more, he was never able to see his son succeed in football since until now he was taking his first steps at Manchester United in 2005.

“It makes me sad to be number one and that he hasn’t seen anything,” Ronaldo confessed in an interview with journalist Piers Morgan in 2019, after he showed him a video where his father filled him with praise in 2004.

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“My mother, my brothers, even my oldest son have seen me receive awards, but my father never did,” added at the time.

But this was not the only episode that marked the player’s life, because a few years ago it became known that his older brother, Hugo, was going through a drug addiction, which was treated in a rehabilitation that the Manchester United player paid for. .

“Cristiano has seen what drinking and drugs can do to those close to him, and it is part of the reason he has become who he is today. What happened to our family explains why Cristiano has no vices, “his mother, Dolores Aveiro, recognized on one occasion.

Another of the details that draws the attention of the footballer’s life is that he does not know what it is to get a tattoo, because although most footballers decide to mark their body with something related to their families, their careers or some historical fact, the Portuguese keeps his body free of ink.

And it is that everything is due to two noble gestures of the athlete: blood and marrow donation.

For several years it has been known that the soccer player was a constant blood donor, he even collaborates with the Red Cross and is one of the ambassadors of said campaign.

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In addition to this, Cristiano Ronaldo is a bone marrow donor, a decision he made in 2011 when he helped the son of his colleague in the Portugal National Team Carlos Martins, who had to get regular transfusions for his son who suffered from leukemia.

“Donating bone marrow is something that many people think is difficult to do, but it is nothing more than taking blood and it does not hurt. I did it many years ago and if I had to do it again I would do it because this is a very serious disease for many children and we have to help them. It doesn’t cost anything, it’s a simple process and then you feel happy because you know you’re helping someone else, “he said a few years ago in Men’s Health.


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