Where are we exactly in the Miles Bridges file?

At the twilight of a successful season and the dawn of a pivotal Free Agency, Miles Bridges, twirling Hornets winger, was to hit the jackpot. But that was before the accusations that hang over him today. Three months after the start of the affair… where are we now?

Let’s do the topo: Miles Bridges comes out of his best career season (by far) having sent Averaged 20.2 points, 7 rebounds and 3.8 assists per game for the 2021-22 NBA season. The left-hander even applied for a place in the All-Star Game, without being invited. Bridges, one of the main free agents of this offseason, was highly appreciated by the decision makers of his franchise, and his extension to Charlotte was then no doubt at the end of his contract. Then on June 29, everything changed. According to TMZ, Miles Bridges is accused by his wife Mychelle Johnson of “domestic violence” and “child abuse”. The timing and especially the attitude are at the height of infamous. The player has already left when the police arrive, and the latter quickly find that the companion of number 0 is in urgent need of medical attention. Bridges will go to the Los Angeles police station himself to admit the facts, and will then be released by the LAPD after having paid his release bond to the tune of 130,000 dollars. Meanwhile, the Hornets, who were hesitant to send the max for their player, said they were aware of the situation in a July 19 statement, without commenting further.

“The Charlotte Hornets are aware of the situation regarding Miles Bridges. These are very serious accusations that we continue to monitor. This being in the legal domain, we have no further comment to make. –Charlotte Hornets

Miles Bridges is now facing three counts, one for raising his hand on his partner and mother of his two children, and two others for acts of child abuse, likely to lead to serious bodily harm or even death. However, Bridges continues his life today, he was even spotted in a gym working on his ranges with Draymond Green. Presumption of innocence obliges while waiting for the verdict to be given, the player is within his rights, even if it may seem very surprising or even annoying. The evidence against Bridges remains overwhelming, however, Mychelle Johnson, in an Instagram post since deleted by the 24-year-old, disclosed her multiple injuries, a medical report detailing those injuries sustained, and a video of one of their children who claimed that “daddy strangled mommy”. The NBA player’s companion even goes much further in her assertions.

“I hate that it’s come to this, but I can’t keep quiet anymore. I let someone destroy my home, abuse me in every way possible, and traumatize my children for life. (…) I will not allow those around him to continue to silence me and lie to protect him. – Mychelle Johnson, partner of Miles Bridges

These comments unfortunately seem to indicate that these actions dating from June 27 and 28 are far from being an isolated case. Faced with accusations from the mother of his children, and despite the police reports and evidence could not be more explicit, Miles Bridges still pleaded not guilty on July 20, the hearing was to take place on August 19 but has several times been postponed. A first time on September 7 and a second time on September 19. The new date has since been set for September 29, so the outcome of this dark affair could have already been known, except that no news has been brought to the file since. Has the hearing been postponed again, or is the judgment being kept secret for the time being? The answer is not known at this time. This verdict would however allow the player to know the sentence, the franchise to adapt to the situation, but especially Mychelle Johnson and her children to be put in safety and to move forward somehow after this dark story. The Hornets winger, well beyond his NBA career, also sees, and in a totally logical way, the rest of his life in suspense, he who is currently facing a sentence of 11 years and 8 months in prison.

“Children who witness domestic violence are particularly vulnerable, and the impact on them is immeasurable. Mr. Bridges will be held accountable for his actions and our Office of Victim Services will continue to support survivors through this difficult process. – George Gascón, Los Angeles County District Attorney

When it comes to basketball, Miles Bridges was hoping to land his max contract. The Hornets were more inclined to drop between 20 and 25 million per season for four years but, the latter still being hesitant for such an amount, finally decided on June 29, 2022 (just hours before the affair broke out ) to offer the player the qualifying offer of $7.9 million for the 2022-23 season, which would make him an unrestricted free agent at the end of next season. However, these accusations fell immediately afterwards, the same day, quickly going around the world and portraying Miles Bridges as a violent man with his partner and even his children. Likely still focused on the accusations hanging over the Flint native, the Hornets have yet to withdraw their qualifying offer, Miles Bridges hasn’t signed him either, and no other team has come forward with a contract offer for the Flint native. left-handed twirling. This means that for the time being, the player is considered to be a free agent, and that no franchise wishes to enlist a player whose reputation has been seriously damaged, and perhaps in a permanent way.

The authorities are still missing certain elements to definitively conclude this sinister case, however, the outcome is getting closer. Miles Bridges, his franchise but above all his companion and his two children need to be fixed in order to move forward and rebuild themselves. Anyway, we can only hope that justice will be done in this case that everyone would do without.



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