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Interview with Hiroyuki Mitsuhashi, Director of the Japan Judo Association

On October 6, the Metropolitan Police Department announced that Hiroyuki Mitsuhashi (64), vice chairman of the Japan Judo Therapist Association and director of the Judo Therapist Training and Examination Foundation, was accused of leaking questions about the national examination for judo therapists. An unprecedented incident was discovered in which the two were arrested on suspicion of violating the Judo Therapy Law and were re-arrested on the 26th of the same month. The Diamond editorial department published a special feature “Deep Darkness of Orthopedic, Acupuncture, and Massage” (6 times in total) in the November 16, 2019 issue of “Weekly Diamond”. In an interview, Mitsuhashi appealed for the normalization of the judo rehabilitation industry, saying, “We have to fundamentally change the system itself.” Including that article, some of the articles for paid members that pursue the darkness of the industry will be released for free for a limited time.
* Re-edited based on the first feature of the November 16, 2019 issue of “Weekly Diamond”.Information such as titles and figures are those at the time of publication

Pelvic correction is not judo reduction
Orthopedic clinics should return to the origin of jusei

Unless the system itself is fundamentally changed, the judo rehabilitation industry, including the members of the Nissei Group, will no longer be able to survive. Against the current adversity, Nissei’s organizational strength is declining. The cause was deregulation in 1988. Non-members of Nissei were also allowed to accept entrusted receipt of medical expenses (insurance), and individual groups and medical expense billing agency companies were born one after another.

Since we are a public interest incorporated association, we naturally conduct projects that are not profitable for individual jusei practitioners, such as academic seminars. Then, people say, “I can’t do my job,” and go to individual contracts. The more severe the handling of insurance is, the more people leave. As a result, the current membership rate for Nissei has dropped to 40%.

With the increase in the number of plastic surgeons and industry groups, competition has intensified, and not only is there fraudulent receipt of insurance, but also pelvic correction, which is advertised by some chain orthopedic clinics, small face correction, ingrown nail correction, and massage. There are a lot of treatments by plagiarists such as. But where exactly is jiu orthopedic?

Simply put, the pelvic correction performed by unqualified practitioners is nothing more than stretching, and even if the face is small, the bones do not move. I was once consulted by the Consumer Affairs Agency, but when I advised them, “You should get a certificate from your university’s anatomy teacher that it won’t move.” I’m claiming that it will move.” Perhaps it’s a sense of “I can do anything without insurance.” This situation must change.

To put it simply, jiu orthopedics is a technique to heal trauma such as fractures and dislocations by manual reduction. Jukusei manipulative therapy is intended to cure injuries with the purpose of improving blood circulation in conjunction with electrical therapy, for example, when a broken bone is healing. It’s not a massage. If we don’t return to our starting point, polish the original skills of Jiu Osteopathy, and once again spread the awareness that “if you get injured, go to a bonesetter”, we will lose the significance of our existence. (talk)



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