What happened to Mariana Ugalde after Exatlón México?

Throughout the six seasons of Exathlon Mexico, Several outstanding athletes have had the opportunity to set foot on the Dominican beaches to defend their team in the sports circuits of the reality show.

However, some athletes have quickly endeared themselves to the public, becoming viewer favorites and amassing a huge fan base on social media.

Such was the case with Mariana Walde who is considered one of the most outstanding red team athletes in the Exathlon Mexico.

The young woman from the third season of Exathlon Mexico She is one of the most followed athletes on social networks, but if you missed this outstanding athlete, today we will tell you what happened with Mariana Ugalde after passing through the Exatlón México.

Who is Mariana Ugalde from Exatlón?

The Mexican athlete nicknamed “Queen Mary”, appeared for the first time on the beaches of the Exathlon Mexico during the third season of the sports reality show, where he quickly became one of the most prominent elements of the red team.

However, the young woman was eliminated from the sports competition shortly, but her sports career did not remain stagnant, as the athlete continued to practice her sports activities outside of the sports competition.

The young woman is recognized for being one of the most recognized badminton athletes in the country, as the young woman has managed to win various trophies and medals while practicing this sport.

Currently, the Mexican no longer practices this sport, but she has remained within the sports scene, because through her social networks it is possible to see some clips of her sports routines and her fitness life.

Were Mariana Ugalde and Aristeo dating?

In an interview with the morning show “Venga la Alegría”, Mariana Ugalde She was questioned about her relationship with Aristeo Cázarez, since the young woman and the athlete spent a lot of time together off camera and fans suspected that there was something more than a friendship between them.

The young woman confessed that something did happen between them, but now that the red athlete had been eliminated from the competition, she would have to wait for Aristeo to leave the competition to see if they could continue the romance that was interrupted.

However, this romance was in the past, because Aristeo currently has a girlfriend with whom he has been very happy through his social networks.



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