“We have accused the anxiety of the elimination of the Champions”

Xavi Hernández was very satisfied after the victory against Valencia. The coach, however, acknowledged that he blamed the elimination of Champons last Wednesday and the defeat against Bayern. “Is a all important win and more as it has arrived, at the last minute. We have had a little anxiety and more after the elimination of the Champions. We have failed in the last pass but it has been because of this anxiety. We have been better than him. Valencia and we deserved the victory. Winning like this is priceless. It is a vital victory to continue in the fight, “acknowledged the coach.

The player from Egar reiterated himself in his speech: “The elimination from the Champions League has affected us and that has made us need to improve circulation. We don’t have to be left alone with the result. Everything has to be analysed.” And he added on the goal of Lewandowski: «It is very important, not only for me but for the team. The team works and the reward comes at the last moment but we have deserved it. We sleep leaders waiting for what the Madridyou have to put pressure on them. There is only one prestigious match left in the Champions League and two more in the League. We have to finish in the best way possible.”

Xavi also valued the injuries of Eric Garcia and Koundé, who had to ask for the change. «Koundé has made a tremendous effort, he has shortened deadlines, we need him and we have forced him. It seems that it is not an injury, but very strong discomfort. Just like Eric. Everyone wants to play and press despite the World Cup, it would have to be the opposite and that shows the commitment of all”.

Gennaro Gattuso showed the opposite face. “When you play against teams like Barcelona you have to last 96 minutes. The team has held up well, we only had two players for the specific midfield position. I have to congratulate the team who has had a great attitude and a great mindset. We have to work, talk little and work a lot », she lamented. And he added: «This is a historic club, which has played Champions League finals, has won Leagues and I’m sorry because we are working well but we are not giving continuity to the results. We have to give thanks and continue with the style so that the results. Because when you play well and you don’t win, the ball and the shirt are heavy. I’m happy to train in this stadium and at this club.” And he ended by congratulating the team for their defensive work: «In the first half we tried to do it with three forwards against three defenders. But then we changed a different pressurewith Dimitri Foulquier in the center of the field and not so much as a lane, to try to hold out better in the second half».

He also gave his impression Frenkie de Jong. “We are happy for the three points. It gives you a lot of morale after the elimination in Europe. Winning this way gives a lot of morale. If you win, in the end, it gives you a lot of life. In the first part we had many possibilities to create great occasions but we have failed the last pass or in the definition. We are very happy to have Lewandowski in the team, today he has made the difference again».

Raphinha, author of the pass to Lewandowski, was also happy. “We knew the importance of the three points. If you want to fight for LaLiga you have to fight until the last minute. We got the win and fought for all the balls until the last minute », he explained. The Brazilian added: “Valencia is a great team, you have to respect them a lot. They played a good game, but we took the three points.” And he referred to the final tangana: «They played a game calming down all the balls, they expected a lot. And when we scored, we did it and they liked it.”


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