“We can clearly speak of sexual touching” (video)

PSG supporters far from had a great evening in Portugal last Wednesday. Beyond the 1-1 split against Benfica in the Champions League, many Parisian supporters denounce abusive searches at the entrance to the stadium.

At the microphone of RMC Sports, a member of the Collectif Ultra Paris returned to these facts. “The steward came up to me, pulled my shorts down and started lifting my underwear,” he explains. “He had his hands inside my boxers and it was a pat down of my genitals. I still have a shaky voice. He also mentions equally extensive searches on the women’s side. “It was the same with the hands in the bra and in the strings, with a touch of the genitals. »

For him, there is no doubt about the nature of these gestures: “We can clearly speak of sexual touching”. Another supporter testified to the French media, making it clear that this was not an isolated act. “At first, she feels your arms, between your breasts to see if there is anything, that’s normal. But then she starts to put her hand under my bra and she insists on looking if I haven’t hidden something underneath, ”explains this fan. “I felt his hands on my breasts. Then she went behind my back, she goes down and puts her hands around my waist and she puts them in my pants. I feel it goes to my panties so I tell him. She replies ‘it’s okay’. So she continues, I feel that her hand is close to my private parts. She eventually pull out, feel my pants then she asks me to spread my legs, I run and she asks me to spread even more. Suddenly, she goes her hand up to my crotch so there I tell her that I don’t agree and she continues by telling me ‘it’s okay’. After that, I passed. I had 30 seconds of hesitation wondering what had happened. »

Faced with the accumulation of testimonies, the Football Supporters Europe association announced that it had raised the problem with UEFA.



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