Victor Wembanyama had things to say about Tony Parker during his time in the US"/>

NBA – During his time with the Americans, Victor Wembanyama had the opportunity to talk about Tony Parker, the French legend. Whatever one may say, their destiny is linked more than ever and the hype has never been so present in a Frenchman (soon in the NBA). Transfer of power ? In any case, Wemby had things to say about his former president!

Victor Wembanyama impressed his world after his time in the US. In both games, he averaged more than 35 points. It’s soon the return to “normal” life since his team has returned to France and the next match will take place this Saturday against Le Mans. Inevitably, the most certainly future number 1 in the draft was the center of media attention and logically, he had the opportunity to answer questions about a certain Tony Parker. The two men are clearly related. Since TP, never has a Frenchman been so expected in the big American league. We are not talking about a player who can be a good player in the NBA, we are talking about an All-Time career, a prospect who could mark the history of this sport. In addition, Victor Wembanyama played under the orders of Tony Parker and even if the two men have taken different paths since this season, TP reflects what one might think of the new generation: a big brother. Here is the intervention broadcast by the NBA :

“When I was playing at ASVEL I spent a lot of time with Tony outside of basketball, talking about everything and nothing. He was like a mentor to me when I was on his team. But, he didn’t want to bother me by being too present in my life.

In fact, every moment I spent with him, and every advice he gave me, was all the more precious. »

Whatever happened internally, we love Victor Wembanyama’s mark of respect. The next challenge of his career will be to create as much enthusiasm as Tony Parker in the 2000s. Not a thing knowing what he accomplished… For the little anecdote, they are the only French people to have made the cover of the legendary magazine “SLAMS”.

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