Victor A 830 IV C Black kopen?

Product details

The Victor A830 IV C Black is a beautiful sports shoe that is ideal for indoor sports, such as badminton, squash, etc. black with gold accents. Due to the materials used, this is a very durable badminton shoe/squash shoe and can be up to 16 times more durable compared to other shoes, due to the material used and the V-durable system.

The shoes have a special cushioning, Energymax 3.0, which ensures that injuries are prevented as much as possible. Because these shoes have a reinforcement on the side and in the sole, the shoes are very strong and stable.

Suitable for players who require a slightly wider fit.

Matching sports socks

It is very important to wear good sports socks, because they partly determine the ultimate wearing comfort, etc. of the shoes. By wearing socks with too little grip, you will move more in your sports shoes. This increases the chance of injuries and reduces the positive qualities. Choose your ideal badminton socks, squash socks, etc. now in our webshop!

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Insoles extend the lifespan

Unfortunately, your trusty sports shoes do not last forever, so you will have to replace them once. Do you currently not have enough budget to buy the right shoes or do you not want to get rid of your current sports shoes? Extend the life with a pair of new sports insoles. This gives your shoe some of the stability, cushioning, resilience and comfort back. Enjoy your favorite shoe for a little longer with these badminton insoles or squash insoles. But in the end it is wise to buy a new pair of badminton shoes or squash shoes.

Order now!

Order your Victor A830 IV C Black now at KW FLEX Badminton specialist shop online or visit our badminton shop in Rijen. Ordered before 12 noon today, shipped today. Free shipping from €50 in the Netherlands and from €100 in Belgium.

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