Valencia seeks podium in Archery World Cup

The bronze medalist at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, Alejandra Valencia Trujillo, is ready to face the next commitment of the competitive season: the “Hyundai 2022” Archery World Cup Final, which will be held on the 15th and October 16, in Tlaxcala, a contest in which he will seek the first medal for his personal account.

“I have been very close to the medals; now I want to be there, that’s what I’m looking for and what I’d like to achieve this time”, shared the Sonoran in an interview for the International Archery Federation (World Archery).

The goalkeeper will play her sixth final of the world circuit, after having qualified four times and was invited as the host representative twice, in the editions of Mexico City 2015 and Tlaxcala 2022.

“I am very excited since they said that the final would be in Tlaxcala; I want to go through that experience again,” she mentioned.

Valencia Trujillo confirmed his attendance by winning the selection that took place last month, where Mexico, as host, was awarded four places, which went to Jesús Ángel Flores Alanís, in recurve; Andrea Maya Becerra Arizaga and Miguel Becerra Rivas, both in composite; while Dafne Valeria Quintero García got her ticket by direct classification, finishing in third place in the ranking of the World Cup series.

“The fact that it was me was like ‘come on, you have to do well, you have to show what you are made of,’ having to represent the country, shoot well and do things well.”

After her participation in the World Cup Final, the two-time Olympian will continue her preparation for the Pan American Archery Championship in Santiago, Chile, an event where the last places for the Pan American Games will be distributed, to be held on the 20 from October to November 5 of the following year.

“Right now what we are clear about, more than anything, is the selective for the Pan American Games; the competition will be in Chile and that is where the passes for Santiago 2023 will be given; all of us who are here training want to have a good result and represent our country”, he mentioned.



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