UNAM basketball starts with victory

The UNAM representative basketball team won its first victory in the 2022-23 season in Division I of the ABE League (Student Basketball Association), after convincingly beating the Technological Institute squad 84-77 and Monterrey Higher Studies (ITESM) campus León, with which they endorsed their hunger for revenge, after just over two years of inactivity due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Driven by the auriazul public that gathered at the Frontón Cerrado of Ciudad Universitaria, last Saturday, September 24, those led by head coach Daniel Gómez León, and assistant Armando Casolis, categorically straightened the course, after having fallen a day before on the same stage 62-68 against Anáhuac Querétaro.

“It is a great firm step in this start. We are totally inspired, with great motivations to reach the championship, we want to be contenders this season. It is a good start for this tournament, we know what we are made of, due to the previous preparation, and we are ready for what is coming, always counting on the support of the Puma fans, he said

Carlos Alberto Pérez Velázquez, student of the Faculty of Engineering, and captain of the feline squad.

One of the priorities for the auriazul burst sport team is to take flight during its participation in the ABE League and thus reach its other high-level commitment with a good level: the qualifying stages of the National Council for Sports in Education (CONDDE), in search of to access the National Universiade 2023.

“Having been one point away from qualifying for the 2022 National Universiade, and only two games away from being in the final phase of the big eight of the ABE League, left a bitter taste in our mouths. However, we have discussed it within the team, all of us who are part of it. We have talked about our mistakes and, today, we are training and working very hard, together with our coaches, to improve, physically, technically, tactically and mentally, to achieve our goals”, stated Pérez Velázquez.

The student of the tenth semester of the civil engineering career, considered that one of the main goals is to string consecutive victories in this second half of the year, within the framework of the ABE League. “We have the level to achieve the historic classification to the big eight. It is a league with a high competitive level, we respect our rivals, but we are preparing ourselves to be able to be at the top of the table”, said Carlos Pérez.

Regarding his role as captain of the UNAM top basketball team, the feline player assured that, within the team, there is a brotherhood among all its members, on and off the court, with effective communication between coaches and players. “Being a captain implies a wide commitment. It is getting involved one hundred percent, giving the best example, being conciliatory and being the living image for my teammates, of the player you want to be, respecting this uniform, ”he asserted.

“It is a pride to represent UNAM and that is why every day, we give our best, not only in training or games, but also at school and with our families. Many things are sacrificed, but it is worth it, because every moment dedicated to UNAM, to represent it, has been one hundred percent worth it,” said the student from the Faculty of Engineering.


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