Twelve perfect throws of the tumbler, Alessandro Caprodossi triumphs

Alessandro Caprodossi

In San Severino, in the hamlet of Serralta, young talents in sport are growing up who stand out. This is the case of the 13-year-old Alessandro Caprodossi, a skilled athlete in the specialty of the tumbling, a well-known discipline with many practitioners in our region and in particular precisely in Serralta where there have been Italian champions both in team and individual competitions. The boy is growing very well and has recently hit an important result.

Alessandro-Caprodossi-1Caprodossi managed to win the Coni trophy held in Sinalunga (Siena), thus reviving a ten-year tradition that sees Serralta and its athletes protagonists of series victories. Now it is also up to the youngest to emerge with prestigious results, just like Alessandro who did with 91 points out of 96 he won the first place overall closing in front of the home representative of Tuscany (84 points) and that of Emilia Romagna (83 points). On a path (1.5 km) undulating, treacherous and with various changes of direction, Alessandro threw the tumbler twelve times in a perfect way so as not to have opponents able to counter him.

Alessandro-Caprodossi-okOn the beautiful day for the yellow and blue colors, the Marches met with ten other regions and each team had four athletes. The team from the region, despite having to face the last hour forfeit of one of the protagonists and therefore having to compete with one less man, was able to overcome the unexpected difficulty obtaining an excellent sixth final place thanks to the excellent results obtained not only by Alessandro Caprodossi, but also by Mauro Calafiore and Andrea Caprodossi.



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