Trifón Poch: “I am convinced that Pumarín will continue to support us”

Trifón Poch, coach of Alimerka Oviedo Basketball, spoke at a press conference before facing Burgos in Pumarín this Saturday at 6:00 p.m.

The work week: It has been a week with many components. We still maintain the situation of the players who are out of the team due to injury, but we are trying to get some back to get through this phase. In addition, we are helping the players who have come to integrate as much as possible for this weekend’s game. Despite the arrival of several players, we still haven’t had the chance to do a five-on-five training session. Nigel Pruitt is progressing, they have less discomfort, let’s see how the week ends. We are also waiting for Comendador and Doménech, who will do a test today to see if they are available for tomorrow.

The new ones: What we mainly need is to have a decent number of players to be able to jump onto the pitch, something that hasn’t happened so far. We have gone to some games with six or seven professional players. In Palencia we ended up defending with five little ones in the area to survive. It is something quite pathetic, not only for us but for the rival team and for the competition. We need troops to say that we are going with nine or ten players. They don’t arrive in shape, they have to learn the systems in a very short time, but we need them already on the track. Thinking that right now they can be a leap in quality is quite difficult for me.

His next rival, Burgos: Burgos is a team made to climb, both because of the profile of the players and because of the experience that they all accumulate. It will be a very tough opponent for us. We are not going to go out to see what happens, nor to pray before the game so that the downpour is as light as possible. We’re going to go out and win, I don’t care what players there are, we’re going to go out and compete until the last second

What to say to the fans?: You don’t have to say anything to the people of Pumarín. They already know what they like and they like to come and enjoy their team, even if they lose. We are going to try the same as against Cáceres, that they are at the level of the pitch, that they show themselves to be competitive and that they know how to fight. I am convinced that they will continue to support us.


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