Trevelin received several provincial finals of Evita Games

The Andean town hosted tennis, fencing and archery competitions for two days.

During this week, the mountain town of Trevelin was the venue for three provincial finals of the Evita Chubutenses Games, which are organized by Chubut Deportes.

The sports center of that city was the scene of the fencing, tennis and archery competitions, which classified the best, to the national final of Mar del Plata.

In fencing, the first two positions of both branches, obtained the classification to represent Chubut in the National Instance of the Evita Games. Thus, those classified are León Díaz Mansilla and Marcos Cárdenas de Trevelin, among the men, and Zoe Molina Reichert and Isabella González (both from Trevelin), among the ladies.

On the other hand, and with an excellent job, the Trevelin CARPO Archery Club, together with the Secretary of Sports Trevelin, held the provincial stage in Archery between Tuesday and Wednesday, in the municipal gymnasium of Pueblo del Molino.

There, Santiago Ibáñez, the representative of School No. 25 of Villa Lago Futalaufquen, became the provincial champion among men. As for ladies, Olivia Campos was from Esquel.

Finally, the provincial tennis tournament was also played there, with the participation of about 20 athletes from all over the province. Among the men, Maximiliano Alcocer from Puerto Madryn and Agustín Do Abella from Esquel achieved the classification. As for women, Lucía Demasi and Lucía Torrado from Madryn did.




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