Tigers, what a pity! The feat in S. Agata fails •

Selene S. Agata-Fast Coffee Villanova Tigers 90-85 (30-19; 51-37; 73-56)

Selene S. Agata: Montaguti 22, Scaccabarozzi 2, Valgimigli 14, Mondini, Cristofani 15, Piazza 12, Gaspari, Dalpozzo 7, Morigi 6, Vecchi 4, Bessin 8. All. Dalpozzo.

Fast Coffee Villanova Basket: Mazzotti 20, Zannoni ne, Fe. Guiducci 4, Polverelli 28, Paduano ne, T. Guiducci, S. Buo, A. Buo 15, Fi. Guiducci 16, Stamps 2. All. Amadori.

The pink report is in the hands of Selene, but the Tigers come out of the sports hall of S. Agata sul Santerno with their heads held high, very high. Able to play the game until the last shot, at the end of a crazy comeback.

The debut for Fast Coffee Villanova is immediately uphill. Captain Zannoni for back problems is unable to get down on the parquet. The absence of the reference offensive terminal (and excellent defender) will be felt, unfortunately. In the spot of 4 coach Amadori deploys stamps, Mazzotti has the keys to the team, Buo and Fi. Guiducci are the racing exteriors, Polverelli the center of weight. The start is all of the guest brand, with Mazzotti, Polverelli and Buo hitting repeatedly. Too bad for the many free shots left on the iron, which will weigh on the outcome of the race. Selene hits 16-16 with the deadly Montaguti and above all with the expert Piazza who drives the host defense crazy with a half-hook, up to close the fourth 30-19.

The script doesn’t change, the pace is high, the turnovers are there, and Selene is often quicker to pick up from the garbage and turn into transitions and good shots. The Tigers with the brothers Federico and Filippo Guiducci who begins to bomb go up the slope to -5, then Bessan finds the table and Selene extends again: 51-37.
Fouls limit A. Buo and Polverelli, Selene pushes on the accelerator and with excellent shooting percentages seems to close the contest, reaching +20.

When the race seems destined for the credits, the Tigers roar. Zone defense, pressing, balls recovered, Mazzotti and Fi’s bombs. Guiducci and the Polverelli points reduce the gap. Field and ball are unable to dry, the continuous interruptions are not good for the Tigers but the green-and-whites do not give up and take only one possession away. A. Buo’s shot does not go, Piazza takes a foul and scores the free which puts an end to the contest. But Villanova is alive.

“A complicated match suffered by the two-way ball for the Tigers who had to do without ‘Shaq’ Zannoni, captain and attacking leader, stopped due to a back injury – comments coach Michele Amadori -. In the first quarter we suffered a lot from the physicality of the opponents, who at the first siren scored 30 points on the scoresheet, shooting with excellent percentages from the arc. At half-time the score was 51-38 in favor of the hosts, who found many offensive solutions thanks to Piazza’s experience and basketball intelligence and the great precision from the perimeter of captain Valgimigli. Despite a maximum disadvantage of 20 points, the zone defense allowed us to remain attached to the game, removing references to S. Agata and making us gain confidence in attack, thanks to the Mazzotti / Polverelli axis and the 2005 Filippo Guiducci class, very concrete from long distance. The last 10 ‘we managed to maintain a great intensity, putting our opponents in the open field in serious difficulty, above all thanks to the energy and competitive spirit of Andrea Buo and Federico Guiducci. Mazzotti’s triple with less than two possessions from the end brought us to -3 (85-88), but we were unable to complete the feat. 85-90 the final score, but I think the performance was clearly positive, given the absence of Zannoni and given the reaction in the second half. Congratulations to Selene for the victory and for the quality of the game. Next Friday is immediately the derby against Riccione at the Tigers Arena, we are hosting my former team and it will be a real battle. We will prepare ourselves as best we can to try to bring home the first pink sheet of the season ”.



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