This is how the trailer and teasers for MAXIDENT were recorded

At the beginning of October, MAXIDENT, Stray Kids’ new mini album, was released. After the promotions officially ended, the group decided to share a special video where it shows how the advances of the album were recorded that completely excited Stay before the official release. What happened while they were filming?

Stray Kids shared with Stay how the promotional videos for MAXIDENT, their most recent mini album. As well as sharing her thoughts on her return. This was what happened in the behind the scenes.

Stray Kids had fun filming MAXIDENT. // Source: Twitter @Stray_Kids

This 2022 has been a great year for Stray Kids. Their most recent mini album MAXIDENT took the number one spot on the Billboard 200 and Artist 100, marking the second time the group has held this position this year. In addition to having a world tour that brought together thousands of fans.

For that reason, the group shared what it was like to record MAXIDENTin a vlog 16-minute video where they share their feelings about the new mini album plus exclusive behind-the-scenes footage. Do you want to see it?

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Stray Kids showed Stay how MAXIDENT previews were filmed

Through the official account of Stray Kids on YouTube, a video of the group was shared during the recordings of the promotional of MAXIDENT. Where they are seen posing in different scenarios for the advances of the album.

In addition to sharing short interviews about their excitement for their comeback and talking about their outfits, each of the members of Stray Kids They recorded scenes both solo and as a group.

Many of the first images that were seen for the group’s comeback were in promotional videos for the songs Super Board and Chill. With a duration of 16 minutes, the video shows how the members enjoyed themselves while recording their new album. You can see it here:

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Every Stray Kids MAXIDENT Song Had Video Teasers

Stray Kids’ comeback with MAXIDENT had a total of seven new songs and each of them had a special promo before their release. The videos that stood out the most were those of Super Board and Chill. On the other hand, Chill had a complete final version that they shared a few months ago. In addition to that, songs like 3RACHA, TASTE, and Can’t Stop had emotional previews with scenes of the members at concerts. Do you remember all the previews?

In other news, Stray Kids sent out a special message at a varsity baseball game, thrilling those present. Did you hear?



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