They launch new sneakers inspired by the shirts of the Mexican national team

Mexico City /

Everything that surrounds a World Cup is complete madness, and speaking of the shirts that are launched in this tournament, many remain in the minds of the fans, remembering them with special affection.

For this edition of Qatar World Cup 2022 the Mexican team will not only have a jersey but also a tennis edition with designs inspired by uniforms used by the team tricolor in past World Cups.

This was the presentation of the second shirt of the Mexican team for Qatar 2022

Adidas, a German sportswear brand is in charge of dressing Mexico, having a bond of more than 10 years, it brought out this pair of models. Occupying the silhouette of the classic and emblematic Samba, sneakers created in the 40s by the same founder of Adidas, Adi Dassler; being a shoe designed for soccer, and offering players better traction when they had to go out on the ice covered pitch. Now with more than 70 years of history They have become a fashion classic, being used in movies, music videos, fashion, etc.

Now with the euphoria of Qatar, the samba of the Mexican team are limited edition having a design inspired by the jerseys of the Tri used in previous years as: 2008 home jersey, Brazil 2014 home and away jersey, 2020 home, and the current designs for Qatar 2022.

According to information given by Adidas, these shoes will be an exclusive launch and very few will be lucky enough to have them, they will be raffled through their official application, with a date for next October 16 this year.




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