These are the clubs with the highest probability of qualifying for the semifinal home runs

The BetPlay II League of 2022 becomes one of the most disputed in recent years, to the point that with two days to go, only one cast could be said to be in the next phase.

Deportivo Pasto, with 31 units, appears virtually in the next round and later several teams with 29 and 28 points are located one step away from the objective, although there are direct matches that can complicate the situation.

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The statistics account Matics Football published a graph showing the chances of qualifying for each club, in addition to the points that would be needed to be among the top eight in the competition.

At the moment, after completing 18 days and with some pending dates, the eight classified are: Pasto (31 points), Millonarios (29), Águilas (29), Once Caldas (29), Nacional (28), Medellín (28), Union Magdalena (28) and Santa Fe (28).

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Then they appear outside the eight, but with options to advance: América (27), Pereira (25), Junior (25), Envigado (25) and Bucaramanga, which adds 24 and has three games left.

La Equidad, with 24, but with just two games to play, would be relegated.

According to Matics Football, the probabilities that the teams qualify are the following: Pasto (99.8%), Millonarios (98.4%), Medellín (91.2%), Águilas (88.6%), Nacional (87.6%), Once Caldas (82%). ), Santa Fe (64.8%), Unión Magdalena (58.8%), América (56.6%), Bucaramanga (31%), Envigado (16.4%), Pereira (16%), Junior (7.2%) and La Equidad (1.6 %).

And the probable ranking number would be: 30 points (46.2%), 31 points (33%), 29 points (19%) and 32 points (1.6%).



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