The war also affects hockey. The Russians had to leave both Mountfield and Dynamo

The war also affects hockey.  The Russians had to leave both Mountfield and Dynamo

Striker Igor Švyrjov played in Dynamo Pardubice last season. The young Russian player was scouted in Pardubice for his experience in the KHL and AHL. However, his time in the Pardubice jersey did not last long, Švyrjov left after seven games played. The club did not extend his contract for the upcoming season, the management did not comment on the termination of his engagement. “I would like to thank the boys for the way they presented themselves in Pardubice and wish everyone the best of luck in their future careers,” said sports director Dušan Salfický regarding the departure of the players before this season.

He had the Russian flag removed

The Russian player Nikita Ščerbak, who came to the city under the White Tower in January, played in Hradec Králové. Among other things, he won the fans of Mountfield by becoming the most productive player of the Hradec Králové team. They also appreciated the gesture in which he had the Russian flag removed from his equipment. He was the last Russian player who played in the Czech Extraliga.

Despite the efforts of the club’s management, it was not possible to get all the permits for the Russian striker to stay in the Czech Republic. “I will not describe all my feelings here, but I am very disappointed with the current situation. Anyway, with the departure of Nikita, we lost an excellent player and, above all, a great boy in the cabin. I thank him very much for everything he has done for our club, and I wish him and his family good health and good luck in their sporting and personal lives,” said General Manager of Mountfield HK Aleš Kmoníček.

End of vacation! Dynamo is already preparing for the new season

“Scherby”, as he was nicknamed in Hradec, left the Czech Republic for Canada. “Playing in front of the Hradec Králové fans was an absolute privilege. The organization, the coaching staff, the guys and the incredible fans made my time here special. This whole situation is really unfortunate, but I will try to return in the future,” Ščerbak said.

From Russia to Pardubice

The migration of players was also noticeable in the opposite direction. Dynamo made money from the departure of hockey players from the Russian KHL. Tomáš Hyka, Lukáš Sedlák, Roman Will and Lukáš Radil, who played in Russia in previous seasons, headed to Pardubice.

Radil last worked in Riga, which, however, opted out of the KHL due to Russian aggression in Ukraine, and he returned to Pardubice, where he grew up playing hockey. In previous years, he also played for Spartak Moscow. He has so much experience with the Russian nature. “We discussed it with my wife and said that it was extremely lucky to leave Spartak,” Radil told Deník. “The leadership changed and its new members didn’t want me anymore. But now I can only be happy for that, because judging by the stories of the guys who stayed there, the situation was not pleasant at all,” explained Radil about his departure.

This is how Nikita Ščerbak celebrated a goal into the České Budějovice net.

A big inconvenience for Hradec, they lost their most productive player because of the war

In recent days, the question of Russian players has been addressed primarily in connection with two NHL games that took place in Prague’s O2 arena. Dominik Hašek, a native of Pardubice, also loudly proved the opinion that sport and politics cannot simply be separated. “The NHL has revealed its face and with this decision will support Russia’s war and the killing of innocent people in Ukraine. Do the partners and sponsors of the NHL know this and support this advertisement for Russian aggression and the killing of innocents?” Hašek shared on his social networks.

The management of the Czech Ice Hockey Association (ČSLH) also decided that the representative teams will not play against the selections of Russia and Belarus. Sborná will not even perform at the Czech Games, which will be held at the turn of April and May.


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