The survey of the Portuguese judo federation will end in three weeks – SEJD

João Paulo Correia addressed the case in a hearing where he was present with the Deputy Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, Ana Catarina Mendes, and the Secretary of State for Equality and Migration, Isabel Almeida Rodrigues, on the Constitutional Affairs Committee, rights, the Committee on Freedoms and Guarantees and Budget and Finance, after being questioned directly by the deputy Joana Mortágua, of the Bloco de Esquerda.

In August, the Olympic judokas Telma Monteiro, Catarina Costa – who however delimited herself -, Bárbara Timo, Rochele Nunes, Patrícia Sampaio and Anri Egutidze, as well as Rodrigo Lopes, accused the incumbent president, Jorge Fernandes, of discrimination and oppression.

In an open letter, in which they list various accusations, the judokas denounce what they describe as “a toxic and unsustainable climate”, as well as pointing the finger at discriminatory attitudes.

João Paulo Correia indicated that an investigation has been opened with the Portuguese Judo Federation (FPJ) and its leaders to determine whether the allegations made by the group of athletes are true.

“Some of the allegations are serious and it is up to the investigation to determine whether or not there is evidence to support these allegations. It will be concluded within a maximum of three weeks and it will be known whether the conclusions of the investigation will indicate the guilt of the federation. Some of the allegations violate the rules of the legal regime of sports federations and some lead to the loss of the mandate of their respective managers. We have to wait for the investigation, “he said.

As for the financial issues, also addressed by the athletes, João Paulo Correia recalled that an audit on the federation is underway and that we must await the conclusions.

“When the crisis broke out between a group of judoka and the federation, the Secretary of State took the initiative to intervene in the process, making use of the political mediation of the role he exercises. This crisis exists because there is a break between the two sides. The meeting I organized led to an agreement between the federation and the group of athletes “, said João Paulo Correia.

The SEJD stressed that the agreement has three pillars and that one of these is the payment per kilometer to the athletes who go to the national retreats in Coimbra, stating that “it is being fulfilled”.

Regarding whether the group of athletes believes that the judo federation puts a minimum number of appearances in the national stages they consider high, João Paulo Correia explained that it was agreed to review the model.

In the critical phase of the summer, coach Ana Hormigo also sympathized with the judokas who signed the letter, a gesture “in absentia” from the FPJ, which, three months later, announced their farewell.

The information was given by Telma Monteiro, the judoka regretting, once again, the attitudes of the Federation, in a statement in which she “united”, with texts of support to Ana Hormigo and sadness for the decision, the Olympic judokas Bárbara Timo and Rochele Nune.

In Lusa the FPJ president made it clear that Ana Hormigo had not been dismissed, but removed from the roles in the main team, after losing faith in the manager.

Telma Monteiro’s new accusations came after the FPJ General Assembly, in which Jorge Fernandes saw the majority of delegates approve the budget and business plan for 2023, with a clear vote of confidence in the leader, with a single vote contrary and six abstentions. among the 52 delegates present.

The SEJD then revealed that between the athletes’ first open letter and the new information subsequently revealed by Telma Monteiro, it had received a document from the athletes stating that the agreement defined between the parties had not been respected.

“There was a letter from the group of athletes telling me that the agreement was not respected. I organized a meeting with the president of the Portuguese Olympic Committee and the president of the federation and we verified that the agreement continued to be respected and I myself informed the group of athletes ”, he explained.



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