The Sevillian César Tasso is proclaimed champion of his category in the Vanguard International Master

The facilities of the Andalusian Tennis Federation hosted this weekend sixth stage of the Vanguard Stars International Circuitwhere the total participation record was broken with 192 tennis players and the female registration record with 80 girls. Undoubtedly a great turnout because the The Seville capital was the last chance on the circuit to qualify for the International Master to be held in Lisbon at the beginning of Decemberwhere the best tennis players on the circuit will meet.

After an intense weekend of tennis, fun and fair play, the winners in the under 10 category were the player from the Real Zaragoza Tennis Club Lara Sebastianwho beat the Valladolid claudia martin and in the men’s final, there was a Seville final with a final victory for Cesar Tasso of the Rio Grande Club ahead of louis castrofrom the Fermín Gómez Tennis School.

The tournament was completed with the sub 11 categories, where in the female category, the Portuguese Noa Freitas was imposed on the malagueña Carla Sofia Fruits. Lastly, in the men’s final, the man from Madrid Beltran Serrano beat the Sevillian Pepe Garcia in a very exciting game.

After the test in Seville, the regular circuit ends and the top ten in each category will qualify for the Master which will take place in Lisboa at the beginning of December, and where those classified will be able to enjoy for the second year the knowledge of Toni Nadalwho will share his experiences and advice with young tennis players.

It should be noted that this circuit aims to support the sport of tennis, especially among the youngest, promoting sports practice through the organization of various national and international competitive events and that it is sponsored by Vanguard Propertiesthe largest investor in Portugal in the promotion and management of the real estate sector.


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