The Sestao River takes the derby for the lead

Sestao was superior in the duel for the lead against Arenas. / Mireya Lopez

The black-and-green team dominates the classification alone after beating an Arenas that until now had won all the games

The Sestao River continues its winning streak. The green and black team prevailed in the derby for the lead against Arenas (3-1) to continue counting all their games with victories. Five out of five. Now he leads the classification alone with a three-point advantage over the second, which is precisely the Getxotarra team. Javi Olaizola’s men had also won all the games so far, but they had to say goodbye to this dynamic in Las Llanas.


Crespo; Etxeberria, Gaizka Martínez, Ugarte, Mateo; Huete, Garai (Urcelay, min. 78); Villar (Aranzabe, min. 78), Yurrebaso (Uriarte, min. 72), Goti (Juste, min. 72); Leandro (Daiki, min. 90).


Plantation; Bravo, Argente, Paul, Gomez; Gabriel (Alonso, min. 84), Arzuaga (Goñi, min. 84), Mayo, Jurgi (Zorrilla, min. 60); Elorza (Unai García, min. 60) and Iñigo López (Escobar, min. 76).

    1-0; Elorza (min. 5). 1-1; Etxeberria (min. 34). 2-1; Leandro (min. 47). 3-1; Goti (min. 59)

    Recio Moreno, from the Navarran school, admonished the local Etxeberria (min. 90) and the visitors Landeta (min. 28), Bravo (min. 37) and Argente (min. 51).

    1,800 spectators in Las Llanas.

The meeting could not start more face for Arenas. Only five minutes were enough for the red and blacks to get ahead on the scoreboard. Jon Elorza grabbed a ball at the edge of the area and fired a powerful shot to get past Crespo over the top. A real goal from the winger who two seasons ago played in the ranks of Sestao River. From that moment on, the locals put on overalls and were constantly trying to even the match. There were many times that they stepped on the opposite area, but they could not disturb Landeta. All the shots went out.

This was the case until after half an hour of shock, at the moment of greatest brilliance from Sestaotarra. Gorka Garai made a good long move to find Villar on the right side of the box. The captain yielded in the face of Markel Etxeberria and the winger shot across as soon as the ball reached him to pierce the net. Another goal. With the tables prevailing again in the electronic, Arenas recovered some of the possession, which until then had been clearly dominated by Sestao River, although in the rest of the first half there was no other opportunity to score.

The start of the second half was the opposite of the first. This time it was the group led by Aitor Calle who came out more plugged in and was able to score shortly after leaving the locker room. Leandro slipped behind the Arena defense and showed off his precision in front of goal with a good definition. A low cross shot that left Landeta with no chance of avoiding the goal. The thing was not going to stop there. The Sestao River delved into the wound of its rival and at the end of the game, scored the third. It was in a good combinative action between Yurrebaso, Leandro and Goti. Yurrebaso opened the wing for Leandro and he gave Goti a pass so that the winger only had to push it into an empty goal.

Arenas had to tighten the nuts and so he did. He was about to close the gap eight minutes later with a genius from Iñigo López. The striker tried his luck with a long shot, from three quarters of the field, and Crespo saved his furniture by sticking his hand in so that the ball hit the crossbar and went out. The Getxotarras had several chances in the final stretch, but they hardly tested the goalkeeper. They enjoyed many corner kicks in favor and the occasional shot from outside the area, but they did not find a goal. Those of Las Llanas were fair winners.



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