The reason why the tennis ball is not a good toy for your dog

All dogs love to play. But sometimes we ask ourselves what is the best toy for our dog Or just which one you like more. The most popular toy for our canine pet is a ballbut the truth is that not all balls are suitable. The best example of this is the tennis balls, which are intended to play tennis as its name indicates. Well, many owners use this ball for their dogs, but what they don’t know is that its yellow hair and white plastic can cause our pet to end up in an emergency surgical intervention.

We usually give these balls to our pet because we almost always have one at home, it is a good size and we are sure that its color will attract the attention of our dog. But these balls can be chewed by dogs, which can lead to damage to their tooth enamel and a blockage in the intestinal tract. Therefore, some experts suggest two alternatives.

From Animal Dental Care they warn that the risk is “in the chewiness of the ball and in the characteristic yellow fluff from tennis balls». And it is that this yellow hair “can act as a fine sandpaper on the enamel of the teeth”, which would eventually wear out. In addition, “it can cause intestinal obstructions», something that should be surgically intervened if it occurs.

On the other hand, experts explain that dogs have “a lot of jaw strength”, so they could easily break the ball, which could cause the remains of the ball to end up “in the back of the throat, blocking the airways». In addition, “If they eat it, it is very painful». « the pieces of rubber they can get stuck in the intestinal tract, which is an emergency situation that requires urgent surgical intervention, “they explain. That’s why experts recommend “hard rubber toys”or other more natural toys like “a soft cloth Frisbee”.


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