the Poitiers Basket party at the Arena ruined

Poitiers – Chartres: 71-80 Too lax in defense and lacking long-distance skill, the Poitevins missed their first at the Arena and made a very bad deal against a direct competitor at the top of the table.

Poitiers : 71
Chartres : 80

The evening had everything to be beautiful, this Saturday 1is october. An Arena bringing together nearly 4,500 spectators, a perfect show with numerous activities and a boiling atmosphere in the stands for this Poitiers – Chartres.

All the ingredients were there for the party to be beautiful. But it was spoiled by a formation of Chartres yet deprived of Patrick Siegwarth and Jérémy Ricard Dorigo, suspended. It is also the fault of the Poitevins who were far too lax in defense and failed at three points (5/28 in the end), having chased too much after the score like the hare in the fable. Too bad because there was nevertheless room to do something and with this convoluted championship formula, this result could already have serious consequences.

Severe ignition delay

But while the Arena was expecting a show, it immediately experienced a cold snap since the Poitiers Basket experienced a serious delay in ignition. Struggling to find the flaw in the Chartres defense, they relied on three-point shots where they were in check and immediately suffered counterattacks. But the worst was in defense where they left a lot of freedom to their hosts. Anthony Smith then had a field day, scoring eleven points in six minutes. The PB was taking on water (2-15, 5e) and had only scored on free throws. It was not until the sixth minute that he scored his first basket in the game through Jonathan Jeanne, ending an infamous 0/5 shooting.

Coulibaly, Durand and Dargenton do good

The comebacks of Bali Coulibaly, Morgan Durand and Alexis Dargenton allowed the Poitevins to regain control of the pace, but the gap remained substantial (9-23, 10e). It even swelled to 18 units at the start of the second quarter, after Marc-Antoine Pellin and Gide Noël added to the score (9-27, 12e).

The PB returns to equality…

The PB then finally began to defend more firmly. It changed everything. Much more united and tough, the Poitevins regained control of the pace by recovering many balls. Relying on an impressive Bali Coulibaly in the racket, they came back at high speed, passing a 10-0 (19-27, 16e) and setting the Arena ablaze. What an atmosphere! And Kevin Mendy’s teammates continued their crazy comeback to pass a new 10-0 (19-31 then 29-31) to the delight of the public. The room was up in the last minute to push his own.

With a three-point difference at halftime (29-32) the match was totally restarted. Poitiers even came back tied twice, thanks to their captain (35-35) then Jonathan Jeanne (37-37, 24e).

… but falls back into his ways

But Chartres responded immediately, through an impressive Gide Noël (10 points, 2 rebounds in the third quarter) and an Alpha Mbodj coming out of his box (8 points at 3/4 including 2/2 at three points in 8 minutes). The gap swelled (39-46, 26e then 44-56, 29e), especially since the local defense fell into its failings. Just like the long distance address. One fact was cruel: at the end of the third quarter (48-58, 30e), the PB had shot twice as much and scored half as many from three points as its host (2/18 against 4/9 from three points).

Without long distance solution

Without a solution behind the arc, the Poitevins could not reverse the trend, especially since Chartres remained committed until the end, leaving no hope to the Viennese (59-71, 38e) to win logically and perform a great operation in anticipation of what’s next. Because even if there are only two days of disputed, it is very likely that these two formations will find themselves in high pool where the results of the direct confrontations of the first phase are preserved. What to really be sorry for.

The sheet

Quarter times: 9-23, 20-9, 19-26, 23-22.
MM. Maarawi and Lohezic.
4.500 environ.

Poitiers Basket

Shots: 24/58 including 5/28 at three points (Mendy 2/4, Durand 2/6, Chambre 1/5, Dargenton 0/1, Jeanne 0/2, Pontens 0/4, Relphorde 0/6). Lancers francs : 18/25. Bounces: 31 (Jeanne 7) including 13 offensive. Faults: 19. Technical: Coulibaly (28e). Interceptions : 10. Bullet losses: 19. Assists : 15. Evaluation : 73.
The team: Pontens 6, Relphorde 16, Mendy 10, Jeanne 12, Seymour 2 then Coulibaly 12, Durand 8, Chambre 3, Dargenton 2.


35/56 including 6/13 at three points (Mbodj 3/7, Smith 1/1, Noël-Pascal 1/2, Doumbia 1/2, Pellin 0/1). Lancers francs : 4/7. Bounces: 28 (Noël-Pascal 6) including 4 offensive. Faults: 23. Technical: Mbodj (19e). Unsportsmanlike: Mbodj (29e). Interceptions : 7. Bullet losses: 21. Assists : 19. Evaluation : 89.
The team:
Pellin 11, Doumbia 10, Smith 20, Mbodj 13, Christmas-Easter 18, Haidara 4, Ndiaye 2, Bouloukouet 2, Mukuna.


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