The plans for the reform of Sporting in Mareo: Orlegi plans to enable the new residence on the upper floor of the current changing rooms

Orlegi’s planned Mareo overhaul will begin to take shape in the coming days. The first step will be to close the current futsal court which, as LA NUEVA ESPAÑA advanced, will have new uses. Sporting will convert it to a reserved area for the first team in a process that will be followed by one of the most ambitious bets: the recovery of the players’ residence. The plan is for it to be located on the top floor of the current Mareo building, just above the changing rooms. At the same time, the club plans to build a new futsal pitch on the current sand field. Unlike the previous one, it will be covered. The first movements of the project, pending confirmation of details and the approval, among others, of the City Council, will be visible in about fifteen days.

Sporting is moving towards the modernization and renovation of the Mareo facilities as a preliminary step to the Orlegi Group’s intention to carry out a comprehensive reform of El Molinón. The main objective is to enable a residence for players that allows a leap in quality to attract youth players. The space chosen is the area where the first team players usually rest on concentration days. The soccer players who are being trained at the base would stay there. On days when Sporting wants to focus on the hours leading up to a home game, the club appreciates that it be held in a hotel in the city.

Sporting already used this space as a residence for players more than two decades ago. A stage that ended up buried by the debts that were about to cause the dissolution of the rojiblanco club, which went into bankruptcy proceedings in 2005. Waiting for the club to detail what the complete works projected in Mareo will be like, which It will include intervening in the grounds of La Marruca, what is clear is that the current futsal court will become an area in which only the first team will have personal access. That’s how it was until now, but living with the children who played on the futsal pitch and the fans who came to see them. Ruled out, in principle, the construction of a macro-clinic, the surface will be used to, among other things, reorganize the parking lot.

The Mareo Football School building, on the top floor of which it is planned to fit out the new Sporting residence for players. | john square

The other great novelty of the Orlegi project for Mareo, which will be public in the coming days, has the new indoor soccer field as the protagonist. An infrastructure that is one of the great demands in recent years.

The new indoor soccer field that appears in Orlegi’s plans will be covered and its main location is the area currently occupied by field number 10, the beach soccer field. There it is intended to build the track in which both the youngest, as well as the preyoungest of Sporting and the Mareo Football School play. Until the works are completed, all of them will train and play their matches on the field next to it, field number 6, made of synthetic grass. Four futsal pitches are already marked out there, pending the approval of the federation to make them official so that they can be the scene of matches in the regional competition. It will be while the works progress. The new space designed by Orlegi could also be functional to host other types of events.

The beach soccer field, which would disappear if the new futsal field is finally built there, was given impetus by the red-and-white entity in 2016. It became part of the novelties offered by the Mareo Campus to improve technique and skills. of the students. It was also used during the rehabilitation process of injured soccer players. The fact of working on this type of surface usually helps when it comes to enhancing strength and muscle development. In any case, in recent years it had fallen into some disuse, which is why new ways of using it have been studied.

Sporting had a final meeting with the architect chosen for this project a few days ago. He did it with the aim of finishing off the pending details for the new face that is intended to be given to Mareo. Orlegi’s investments in this concept will be supported, in whole or in part, by the funds reserved by the CVC for this purpose. “This will be the basis for everything that comes to the team,” Alejandro Irarragorri, president of Sporting, announced last summer when he visited the red and white facilities for the first time. A purpose that you want to take shape imminently.


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