The party on wheels and downhill that Madrid has experienced with the Crazy Cars

Under a scorching sun and with a temperature that exceeds twenty degrees despite being in autumn, Madrid has lived for one day the experience of hosting a circuit of a Grand Prixalthough it cannot be compared with Formula 1, the cars that They have descended a hill of 800 meters have set the bar high for the motorsport category. The Spanish capital has witnessed the craziest and most tacky race, all thanks to Red Bull’s Wacky Races. Here what was worth was having a laugh with the descent of the most original racing cars of the more than 50 participants from all over Spain that has brought together this event with 40,000 people present.

Since a Pikachu going down the ramp into a sardine can picking up speed and going around a banked curve It has been possible to see this Sunday, October 2 in Madrid. An event where fun was the main premise and if we added personalities from social networks and an Olympian as a jury, nothing could go wrong to score the car with the most striking design of all. Although everything was worth to be the fastest to descend and reach the finish line, one of the rules stated that you did not have to participate with a motor and it was mandatory to have the brakes to control the descent and not fall at the first change.

The team with the number 15 knows very well that, although they lost half of the vehicle along the way, the driver managed to reach the finish line thanks to the control with the brakes: “You brake it, it felt like it was going out of control,” The pilot explained to this newspaper with the adrenaline still in his body as soon as he got out of his vehicle. The second parameter that the jury has taken into account has been the creativity because the tackier the better and if we add to that a little dance as a performance before going down, the better.

A car inspired by the Minions. D.S.

Originality has allowed None of the participating cars repeated the theme because, as reported by the Sardinatti team with number 12: “The idea arose from a crazy night in which we challenged ourselves to make a car out of a can of sardines”, the two pilots who, in addition to being fellow adventurers, were family members pointed out to this newspaper. It served them one night to think about the theme and get down to work to build your car, some participants have spent up to 5,000 euros to manufacture the prototype with which to descend the 800-meter slope of Madrid’s Parque del Oeste. Although not all of them reached the finish line, those who did reported that the descent passed quickly without even realizing the time or the speed they were taking: “The descent has gone much faster than I thought, I have had problems since the start because the helmet (one offered by the organization to record the descent) was higher than he had calculated and he could not see anything. I had to drive most of the way with one hand and the other hand holding my helmet so I could see where I was going.. It has been intuitive all the time, we have done all the obstacles, we have reached the end with the car a little broken, but it has been amazing”, narrated Alfredo Pascual who came down with the Olympic cyclist Carlos Coloma.

Some teams have taken only four days before the race to build their vehicle and others, however, a month to get all the parts they needed: “We have been practically until this morning preparing the last details,” argued one of the two pilots of an alien spaceship that managed to reach the finish line almost intact and still throwing a shower of bubbles. The car did not stop them from bouncing throughout the route, but these two pilots from Alicante along with their team had a clear objective: only the people who weighed the least were going to descend to balance the car and control the brake on the descent.

A car inspired by an alien spaceship. Sergio Perez / EFE

Although perhaps the decline that was expected was one of the most famous ‘youtubers’ among young people: The Grefg. Young people between 12 and 16 years old shouted his name in unison to get a photograph with him or an autograph. With the occasional incident in which an ambulance had to intervene according to the established protocol, the cars have been able to jump the obstacles in front of each one in their own way, some with a smile and others waiting for the ‘log’ after having taken a large impulse by the force of gravity. Finally, after a whole day of fun, it was time to announce the three winners who received the highest score from the jury: Crazy Goat, Skating gives you wings and Burganés Xiguiri Team.

And as both participants and the public who attended to see this show say everything went smoothly and ‘crazy’.



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