The NFL Power Rankings at the end of Week 6 of the regular season

This is what the hierarchical order of the league looks like, at the conclusion of the sixth day of the 2022 regular season

Once again, the league experienced a day of highly surprising results, which caused –logically– a tremendous jolt in the Power Rankings de la NFL, according to

After a couple of dates of apparent normality, the big jumps and drops in our weekly list returned, with some franchises wrapped in great uncertainty regarding their immediate future.

At the top end, the top two teams received unanimous votes. At the bottom, the last team in our table also won that place unanimously. The rest of the order was not so easy to figure out.

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After the week 6 of action in the regular season, this is what it looks like the pecking order of the 32 NFL teams, according to the Power Rankings de

Use: The number in parentheses indicates where that team was in last week’s Power Rankings.

Officially, the Bills are the team to beat in the AFC, and with their win in Kansas City, they now have the tiebreaker against the only team that legitimately competed with them for home play in the playoffs. — EC

Philadelphia enters its bye week as the only undefeated player in the NFL and while this might be enough to put it at the top of our hierarchical list, the reality is that they have only beaten two teams with a positive record and one of them was with their backup quarterback: Cooper Rush. — LMV

Brian Daboll is the leading candidate for Coach of the Year after the first third of the season, and he’s not even close. Now, we have to find a way to maintain this intensity in the rest of the campaign. — RZ

The good news is that there is still a long season ahead of them, the bad news is that their offense lacks an explosive weapon beyond Travis Kelce, that will be a serious problem when they meet the Bills again. — EC

Minnesota suffered more than it would have thought to beat this version of the Dolphins, but a victory is a victory and they arrive in an unbeatable position to their rest since they are established at the top of the North Division and their rivals look with many doubts . — LMV

Cooper Rush wasn’t the best quarterback on the Dallas roster before the loss to the Eagles, nor is he the worst quarterback in the NFL now. What is certain is that Dallas would have had a much better chance of winning in Philadelphia with Dak Prescott at the controls. — RZ

The Jets sent a strong message to the league with their win at Lambeau Field. New York has the tools to be a headache for anyone with their killer running game and solid defense, if they keep up this level they will steal the dark horse tag in the AFC. — EC

Divisional matchups are often the hardest to get through, and that was on full display Monday against the Broncos at home. It wasn’t the most convincing win against an opponent far from his best, and 57 Justin Herbert pass attempts aren’t much of an indication, either. — LMV

The Joe Burrow-Ja’Marr Chase connection was reignited in the Superdome, and it could be the key to the Bengals regaining their compass in a season that was beginning to unravel. — RZ

The Titans retained the top of their division and secured the construction of a new stadium without playing. That’s what I call a great weekend. — EC

The monarchs of the NFL returned to the path of victory, but it was at the cost of the last place in our count and far from what is expected of them. The positive point is that no one has been able to escape in the NL West and a winning streak can set a definitive course. — LMV

It’s very difficult to know where to put these Colts: one Sunday they can play very badly, the next Sunday they come out to play worse, and then redeem themselves with a positive result that reminds us that there is talent on the roster. — RZ

The Patriots should rest easy if Mac Jones still can’t come back, rookie Bailey Zappe is playing at an outstanding level and the defense has allowed just 15 points in the last two weeks against two of the most dangerous attacks in the league. — EC

The defense showed its best version in recent weeks as they came from two games in which they allowed an accumulated 77 points and this time they left a divisional rival –the Cardinals– in only nine units.

Wow, they looked better than thought. — LMV

Don’t look now, but Atlanta is tied for the division lead, and Kyle Pitts finally found the end zone. How far can this club grow? — RZ

Lamar Jackson decided not to accept the contract proposals he received in the offseason to prolong his relationship with the Ravens and bet on himself in search of a more lucrative deal. So far his gamble hasn’t panned out the way he hoped, making costly mistakes that mean losses for Baltimore and that multimillion-dollar contract he hoped for looks further and further away. — EC

You can well think that it was a more than unexpected loss against the Falcons, but you have to look a little further and understand that we are talking about a team that has more than 10 injured starting players and, although it sounds like a justification, the reality is that very few franchises could recover from a situation like this. — LMV

Aaron Rodgers is playing his worst football in memory. Does that put you among the worst in the NFL at his position? No way. But, he no longer manages to make up for all the other shortcomings in Green Bay. — RZ

The Dolphins have missed Tua Tagovailoa the past three weeks, however his return alone won’t address all the offensive shortcomings that have been exposed, most notably the lack of a solid running game. — EC

There are already three losses in their last four appearances and for their fortune an almost certain victory against the Panthers is coming, but the reality is that, at this point, they are fighting inch by inch with the Rams, Cardinals, Packers and Broncos as the disappointments. — LMV

No one expected Mitch Trubisky to don the hero cape, but it was reassuring for Pittsburgh to know that, already committed to Kenny Pickett as the starting quarterback, there is a decent option at the backup spot. — RZ

The Saints have found a new identity with Andy Dalton at the controls despite injury absences to the offense. The running game has resurfaced and Taysom Hill has again become a threat, something that did not happen when Jameis Winston was his starter, maybe it is time to give the job permanently to Dalton regardless of whether Winston returns or not. — EC

There are very few things to take away from his win against Chicago, perhaps the most striking was the siege on Justin Fields, but something tells me that Ron Rivera will be the next head coach to pack his bags in the course of the season. — LMV

The good news for the Cardinals is that Marquise Brown isn’t out for the rest of the season, but Arizona probably overpaid for a Robbie Anderson who seemed headed for release after his tantrum in Carolina. — RZ

The solution is simple for the Bears, come out with points on their visits to the red zone, it doesn’t matter if they are field goals, otherwise they will only see their rivals slip away little by little and the losses will continue to accumulate. — EC

Both Cleveland and Baker Mayfield look in very low hours after their divorce and although the Ohio franchise has a great bet on Deshaun Watson, the reality is that there is a lot of background work before thinking about competing in a division that has no direction defined and a dominant team in 2022. — LMV

It’s still a pain to watch Denver’s offense operate, but the good news is that there is now one less game in prime time for the Broncos, following the loss at MNF. — RZ

The Jaguars urgently need to learn to take advantage of advantages, their four losses this season have been comebacks and in three of them they have allowed the winning touchdown with 3 minutes or less to play. — EC

Houston will return from its bye week to a match against a team with a strong sense of revenge after what happened at Arrowhead. They start out as the likely victim — despite the Raiders’ record — but they’ve made it clear that their defense isn’t easy to figure out, either, and boy, can they cause a headache in Las Vegas. — LMV

Las Vegas had a week to think about everything that has gone wrong for them in a start to the season that has them with one of the worst records in the league, despite not having played as poorly as some of the other bottom teams. of the classification. I’m not giving up on these Raiders yet. — RZ

The Lions had to take advantage of their bye week to recover injured players because they face a tough stretch of the season with back-to-back games against the Cowboys, Dolphins and Packers. Detroit is off to a promising start, but if it doesn’t react quickly it could be planning for 2023 very soon. — EC

Who can blame Robbie Anderson for that level of frustration? Mind you, I’m not justifying it either, but it must be difficult to see the situation that his former team is going through and asking him to be a simple spectator on the sidelines shouldn’t be easy. — LMV

participated in the preparation of these Power Rankings de la NFL para ESPN: Erick Cervantes (EC), Luis Miguel Vasavilbaso (LMV) and Rafa Zamorano (RZ)



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