The national president of the Olympic and Italian athletes visiting the “Matteo Pellicone” Sports Center in Reggio Calabria

She was the first among Italian athletes to win an Olympic medal in swimming and to establish a world record, in the 800 freestyle, in Munich in 1972. Today, in the guise of national president of the Olympic and Azzurri Athletes of Italy, was received by the ANAOAI president of the Reggio Calabria section Alessandra Benedetto at the “Matteo Pellicone” Sports Center in Reggio Calabria and there was a reception committee of the highest level sportsman and manager who has done so much for sport in Reggio Calabria, Calabria and Italy: prof. Pasquale Nucara, honorary president of the ANAOAI section of Reggio Calabria, the Board of Directors of the ANAOAI of Reggio Calabria composed of Dr. Rossella Zoccali, by dr. Marco Polimeni and by prof. Riccardo Partinico; dr. Igino Postorino, honorary president of the “Rocco Polimeni” Tennis Club, dr. Antonio Laganà, Olympic referee of Lotta, Dr. Paola Tripodi, world referee of weightlifting and the lawyer. Irene Pignata, president of the Reggio section of Panathlon International.

The purpose of Novella Calligaris’ visit was to visit the famous sports center which has become the “Temple of Martial Arts”, the pride of the city of Reggio Calabria and also to inform the Reggio section of the three “SporTiamo” projects. , “Now let’s take the field” and “FormaMente”, all already approved by “Sport and Health” and aimed at promoting sport.

The visit of Novella Calligaris continued at the “Parco Caserta” swimming pool and at the “Rocco Polimeni” Tennis Club and a “video” greeting was sent by the young athletes who practice Judo, Wrestling and Karate with SGS Fortitudo 1903.

The Olympic champion Novella, unforgettable champion of the ’70s, concluded her visit to the city of Reggio Calabria by declaring on the ANAOAI national website: “nIn life and in sport, union not only creates strength, but… realizes projects, creates bonds, inspires the future! I thank everyone for the wonderful welcome, in particular the President of the Section Alessandra Benedetto, Rossella Zoccali, Riccardo Partinico, points of reference for our Azzurri members ”.



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