The Miranda Tennis Club makes wheelchair tennis visible with an exhibition

Aitor, a boy from the Tennis School, testing the modality. / Celia Miguel

The Miranda Tennis Club has organized a wheelchair tennis exhibition that has put children and adults without physical disabilities on two wheels and has brought three of the best tennis players in Spain.

Celia Miguel

Playing tennis well requires great physical and technical prowess that only a few people are capable of exhibiting. Playing chair tennis implies, in addition to an added difficulty, a psychological challenge for those who do not have the possibility of participating in the conventional modality of this sport. That is why, on the occasion of the 20th Spanish Championship of Regional Chair Tennis Teams scheduled for next weekend in Miranda de Ebro, the Miranda Tennis Club has organized various activities with the aim of making this adapted sport known. .

Chair tennis exhibition

On the morning of this Sunday, October 2, the Mirandese club has taken to the streets to invite the Mirandese citizens to participate in a small practice in which children and adults without any type of perceptible physical disability have sat on the wheelchairs to play this type of tennis. The central street of the Miranda Station has witnessed this activity in which all the participants showed their determination to perform in a sport that, on a wheelchair, seemed to become certainly complicated.

At the end of the exercise, the Miranda Tennis Club has organized a brief exhibition in which the two best tennis players of the Castilla y León national team, Raúl Moreno and Rubén Valle, as well as the number 1 of La Rioja, Juanjo Rodríguez, have participated.

In short, between 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. the show in Miranda has been served and the citizens have perceived it as such. “I think it is a very interesting initiative because it helps to make visible a sport that contributes to the inclusion of people with physical disabilities and also to raise awareness about the difficulties that people in wheelchairs face, not only when playing tennis, but in any situation”, acknowledged Carlos, one of those attending the event.

For his part, Fernando Esteve, the president of the Miranda Tennis Club, has been satisfied with a day that has undoubtedly contributed to giving visibility to this adapted sport. Esteve has not missed the opportunity to thank all the people who have contributed their bit to make the exhibition go ahead for their participation: «Thanks to Raúl Moreno, Juanjo Rodríguez and Rubén Valle for their availability, they are always there when they are needed» , rewarded.

Likewise, he wanted to thank Lydia Monteagudo and Jonathan García, instructors of the Tennis School, for their contribution, as well as «Agus, Kike and the children and adults of the School; I hope you enjoyed the normalization day », she concluded.

Chair tennis faces a week amount. Between the 6th and the 9th of October, the 20th Spanish Championship of Regional Teams will be held in Miranda. Without a doubt, an opportunity to give visibility to this sports modality that the Miranda Tennis Club will not miss: “Next Monday and Tuesday we will receive one hundred and ten children from different schools in the sports center so that they can learn first-hand about adapted tennis,” he added. Steve.


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