The Las Vegas Raiders broke it in the first Raider Nation Fest of CDMXMediotiempo


The team of Las Vegas Raidersin conjunction with the office of the NFL in Mexico wore “long tablecloths” to celebrate the passion of their fans at the Hippodrome of the Americas. Hundreds of fans gathered at the first Raider Nation Fest 2022where they could enjoy music, food, dynamics of the NFL, shops and of course, live with the cheerleaders and former players of the Nevada team.

Raider Nation 2022 at CDMX

Los Raiders They did not skimp on talent, because they gave their fans the opportunity to connect with a dozen Raiderrettes (Raiders cheerleaders), as well as living with ex-players of the stature of the two-time Super Bowl champion, Jim Plunkett, Raymond Chester, Nick Roach, Lamarr Houston e Isaiah Ekejiuba.

Similarly, the Raider Nation of Mexico was able to enjoy a variety of dynamics that simulated NFL game drills like catching the ball, passing accuracy, time sprint, field goals, among others. While they could purchase merchandise from your favorite team in the available stores or enjoy the variety of food trucks that gathered at the event.

Coming to Mexico has been an incredible experiencemeeting many fans and all the activities we have done. I hope the fans realize how much we appreciate them and that’s one of the reasons why we decided to come and have this party. We know that our fans in Mexico are one of the most loyal“he declared Sandra Douglasspresident of the Las Vegas Raiders at halftime.

We would love to play again at the Azteca Stadiumthe only detail is that we don’t decide the match schedule, but even if we don’t play here, We want to show the fans how much we love them. Los Raiders They have a very special connection with the latin fans from figures like Tom Flores or the same Jim Plunkett. I think there is a certain audacity in our organization that makes fans in Mexico identify with everything that our team represents, we have the best fans in the world“.

Las Raiderettes They also organized a masterclass where they gathered a group of girls to organize a brief routine and present it in front of the entire public. To close the event with a flourish, Las Vegas Raiders and the NFL Mexico organized a concert where the Mexican rock band performed: The Warning. At the end of Raider Nation Fest 2022Dozens of fans left the venue with smiles on their faces.


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