The indictment lowers the sentencing request for Neymar, Rosell and Bartomeu

BarcelonaThe position of the prosecution in the trial for the signing of Neymar by Barça has been deflating as the sessions progress. On Friday, it was the Prosecutor’s Office that decided to withdraw all the accusations and asked to exonerate all the accused because, once the trial was over, it saw no evidence of a criminal offense, only administrative irregularities, in the operation that served to bring the Brazilian star at the Barcelona club. This Monday, the private prosecution (which represents the interests of the DIS investment fund, which had 40% of the footballer’s federative rights) also lowered the penalty request it was making. Although he initially asked for five years in prison for Neymar and eight for former Barça presidents Sandro Rosell and Josep Maria Bartomeu, he is now asking for half (2.5) for the footballer, four for Rosell and two and a half years as well for Bartomeu. For Neymar’s father, DIS is now demanding four years in prison.

The trial faces the last session this Friday, with the presentations of the final reports of the prosecution and the defenses and the last turn to speak, the possibility of a final plea that the court offers to the accused before giving the trial seen for sentence. Rosell and Bartomeu have decided to attend the session in person, while Neymar and the father (the mother was already exonerated on Friday, after both the Prosecutor’s Office and DIS withdrew the accusation) will follow the last part of the trial by video conference, just like the legal representatives of Santos.

Fine of 57 million

In the case of Neymar, the private prosecution requests that the sentence be accompanied by a ban of two and a half years as a footballer, while for Barça a fine of 57 million euros is requested. During his presentation, the lawyer representing the DIS investment fund, Eliseo Martínez, assured that at the trial “it was perfectly evident” that there was corruption in the signing of Neymar. The Prosecutor’s Office does not see it the same and has withdrawn the accusation against all those prosecuted. For the prosecutor in the case, the 40 million euros that was paid to the Brazilian star does not constitute a bribe, but a “signing premium”. “One may or may not agree with the figure, but this exists and is legal,” said the representative of the public ministry.

Rosell’s lawyer, Rafael Alcázar, hopes that the court will align with the theses of the Prosecutor’s Office and that the former president of Barça – who, with this one, has already faced four trials, two for the signing of Neymar for Barça – will not must answer more before the Justice. “I want to trust that it will be one of the last judicial cases that Rosell has to face and that it will end in acquittal,” he assured during the presentation of his final report.


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