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The mayor and the sports councilor receive the honorary black belt for Judo for their support of this sport during the last year Among the next projects in Cádiz is the inclusion of Judo in school sports

The clubs of Cádiz capital have come together for the world judo day to receive from the hands of president of FANJYDA, Carlos Calvothe commemorative plaque for their collaboration during the Raúl Calvo 2022 Memorial, which was held last weekend in the City of Cádiz Pavilion with a total success of participation and public.

The Judo Cádiz, Shogun, Tora and Ippon Raúl Calvo clubs and their representatives, Javier de María, Agustín Barrios, Ismael Senra and Raúl Calvo, also took advantage of the occasion to meet with Carmen Calvo, communication director of the RFEJYDA in order to plan the many projects linked to this sport that are going to be launched march in Cádiz in the coming months, highlighting in this sense the work that Carlos Calvo is already carrying out as coordinator of the project Judo for [email protected] in view of the upcoming inclusion of Judo in the school sports program, or the various activities to be held in the city’s schools and in other events.

The clubs of the capital, with Carlos Calvo, president of FANJYDA

Precisely This Friday, October 28, World Judo Day is celebrated, being the main objective of this day to unite judokas from all over the world, in addition to making this discipline and the values ​​on which it is based known. This 2022, the chosen theme is inclusion, and for this reason the judoka community is encouraged to reflect on its many faces and recognize “both how far we have come and how much we still have to go in this area”, they point out from the Andalusian Federation.

Delivery of the honorary black belt to the mayor and the sports councilor
Delivery of the honorary black belt to the mayor and the sports councilor

Also last Wednesday, Carmen Calvo, communication director of the RFEJYDAdelivered the honorary black belt of Judo to the mayor of Cádiz, Jose María González, and the sports councilor, José Ramón Páez. The RFEJYDA and the FANJYDA would like to recognize in this way “the work of promotion and support for the sport of Judo that has been done during this year from the City Council of Cádiz and from its sports area”.

Carmen Calvo also highlighted that “there is a commitment on the part of the city’s clubs so that, together, we continue promoting and publicizing one of the most recommended sports for children, both for its health benefits and its values. Their help has been essential for the good development and organization of this edition of the Memorial. In addition, from the Cádiz City Council there is a commitment so that the Raul Calvo Memorial stay in your city, and we are working along these lines, not only so that judo is present on the days when the tournament is held, but also so that a legacy linked to this sport is created in this city”.



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