The Argentine National Team has its pre-list for the fifth window of the FIBA ​​Qualifiers

Pablo Prigioni delivered a list of 27 potentially callable players for the next commitments of the national team: November 10 and 13 against the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas, both as visitors.

After consecration at the AmeriCup 2022 in Brazil, defeating the locals in the final, the Senior Men’s National Team is already focused on its next big goal: qualifying for the FIBA ​​World Cup 2023. For that, it will have to face the fifth window FIBA with two commitments as a visitor.

On November 10, he will visit the Palacio de los Deportes in Santo Domingo to face the Dominican Republic. Three days later, on the 13th, the Bahamas will host Pablo Prigioni’s team at the Kendall Isaacs Gym in Nassau.

For these matches, and still waiting for the final list of players who will begin training, the coaching staff presented a list of 27 players who could make up the national team. It should be noted that this is not a definitive list, although it has an official character since those who will participate in the window will come from these names.

the pre list

1. Campazzo, Facundo – Denver Nuggets (last team)
2. Laprovittola, Nicholas – Barcelona (Spain)
3. Bolmaro, Leandro – Utah Jazz (NBA)
4. Deck, Gabriel – Real Madrid (Barcelona)
5. Deliah, Mark – BC Wolves (Lithuania)
6. Vildoza, Luca – Milwaukee Bucks (NBA)
7. Delfino, Carlos – Victoria Libertas Pesaro (Italy)
8. Brussino, Nicholas – Gran Canaria (Spain)
9. Romano, Nicolás – Institute of Córdoba
10. Caffaro, Francisco – Virginia Cavaliers (USA)
11. Vildoza, José – Flamengo (Brazil)
12. Garino, Patricio – Girona (Spain)
13. Fjellerup, Máximo – Girona (Spain)
14. Gallizzi, Tayavek – Cordoba Institute
15. Zurbriggen, Fernando – Mombus Workshop (Spain)
16. Vaulet, Juan Pablo – Baxi Manresa (Spain)
17. Fernandez, Juan – Fuenlabrada (Spain)
18. Chapero, Tomas – Ourense (Spain)
19. Marcos, Juan Ignacio – Forca Lleida Sports Club (Spain)
20. Lugarini, Bautista – Cordoba Institute
21. Aguirre, Nicolás – Flamengo (Brazil)
22. Baralle, Franco – Quimsa of Santiago del Estero
23. Neck, Martin – Flamengo (Brazil)
24. Acuña, Roberto – La Banda Olympic Cyclist
25. Giorgetti, Franco – Dorados de Chihuahua (Mexico)
26. Redivo, Lucio – Casale Monferrato (Italy)
27. Saiz, Javier – San Martin de Corrientes



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