The areas in which Cali needs reinforcements and that Jorge Luis Pinto would already be looking for

Forming a competitive squad, according to the history of Deportivo Cali, but also one that fits the economic situation of the team, are the intentions of the directors and the coaching staff headed by Jorge Luis Pinto.

The objective is to forget a disastrous 2022 in terms of results, in which the classifications were not achieved at decisive instances in the two tournaments played, after being champion last December.
In his first talk with Pinto, the president of Deportivo Cali, Luis Fernando Mena, revealed that the coach asked him for “a goalkeeper, an offensive midfielder and a 7”.

And once he took office in the sugar team, Pinto was clear: “We are going to see what payroll we have and then we will make an evaluation to determine which players continue and where we should reinforce ourselves.”

The neuralgic points of Deportivo Cali, in which some shortcomings are evident, are clearly noticed after 38 games played so far, by League this season.

– The bow: in this position Deportivo Cali needs a player to travel. Miguel Sánchez and Humberto Acevedo had to take over when Guillermo de Amores left, but the responsibility weighed on both of them, beyond the fact that they shone in some games.
One of the two could be an alternative for the goalkeeper who arrives.

– The defensive zone: in the right-back position, a player with more experience is missing. Juan José Mina is a good prospect, but still very young. Aldaír Gutiérrez lowered his level to the point of losing the position, and Juan Esteban Franco was not taken into account in many games.

In the left back position, the arrival of a reinforcement is also vital because Cristhian Mafla, in addition to the injuries, the irregularity did not allow him to consolidate.

The academy players who play in that position made very little difference in the few games they played.

– Brand midfielder: there Cali requires a player with a lot of baggage, who dominates the area, who puts in a leg and who guarantees a clear exit from the bottom. Fabry Castro is only compliant, Kevin Salazar has not been able to every time he is given the opportunity, and Carlos Robles lowered his level, as well as Enrique Camargo and Yimmy Congo.

– Offensive midfielder: the arrival of a player is urgent to help Teófilo Gutiérrez and Kevin Velasco in the generation of play. Responsibility almost always falls on the captain, and when he gets lost or is well marked, Deportivo Cali suffers in football.

– The forward: a winger as requested by Pinto, and a 9, should be the priority of the sugar bowls to reinforce the attack.

In this area there are two players who have not performed as expected: Yonny González and Agustín Vuletich, so it is necessary to look for a right winger and one who plays in the center to alternate with Ángelo Rodríguez.

The other sector, the left, is for now well covered with Kevin Velasco and Hárold Santiago Mosquera.

The economic issue will be key to determining the number of reinforcements that would come to Deportivo Cali in order to help the team forget a meager 2022 season.



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