The Altay Archery Club teaches a qualified archer hunter training course

The Arco Altay club from Benaventa requested the completion of the course from the hunting federation of Castilla y León to cover the high demand for these cards by hunters who go to other communities to hunt, and reaffirm the club’s vocation in the training of hunters. who want to practice their hobby in the bow modality.

The qualified archer hunter card, known as T2, this is a card, which although it is not mandatory to hunt with a bow in Castilla y León, it is already in most autonomous communities.

With a quota of twenty-one participants, which was filled on the first day, it was taught by the Shooting Monitor and Territorial Archery Delegate, Juán Manuel Cabrerizo, and the assistance as speakers of Luis Miguel Rodríguez, National Judge, and the renowned archer hunters. Julio Villalpando and Angel Salagre. With a very complete syllabus, topics such as legislation, first aid and safety, material, animal anatomy and game species, ethics and environmental conservation were discussed, accompanied by practical shooting classes, both day and night, from the ground and from a treestand. .

All attendees passed the course. Highlighting the presence of three women, which is already becoming common in this modality, according to reports from the club. The Altay club has declared that given the great interest of the archers in the area, it is planned to carry out more specific training courses on aspects of bowhunting.



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