Tennis star Alexander Zverev congratulates Sophia Thomalla

Greetings with love

Tennis star Alexander Zverev congratulates Sophia Thomalla – with a sweet number game

Sophia Thomalla and tennis star Alexander Zverev are a real dream couple


One sigh, please! Tennis star Alexander Zverev congratulated his Sophia very sweetly via Instagram on her birthday – and also added a mini math hook.

A pool, palm trees and three hearts

She is now 33, he is 25 – an age difference of eight years, which you neither see nor feel with Alexander Zverev and Sophia Thomalla. Which Zverev also emphasizes. “Happy 18th birthday for the 16th time” – happy 18th, for the 16th time – wrote Zverev on Instagram of his loved ones. In addition, a photo of the lovebirds in a pool in front of palm trees. Sophia replied with three hearts.

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But wait, how does Zverev’s calculation work? Very simple: Of course, don’t add 16 more to Sophia’s 18th birthday, then she would already be 34. Instead: include the first 18th birthday as the first of the 16 and bingo: 33.

Numbers game or not: Love knows no age anyway. (mar)



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