Tennis Club Grün-Gelb is happy about the successes of the youngsters


With a total of 13 children’s and youth teams, the Grün-Gelb Burgdorf tennis club went hunting for points this summer. “All age groups were represented,” said club coach Malte Diers. “Whether small court, midcourt or already on the big tennis court, it went great for the youngsters again.

The newly founded teams of the youngest immediately caused surprises and took great second places,” he emphasizes. Diers adds: “Although Nieke, Nuowei and Connor mostly played against older ones, they were able to call up the good performance from training in the league games “. Green-Yellow is happy that club trainer Diers ensures that the youngsters continue to develop.

With 8:0 points, the green-yellow B-Juniors didn’t give their competition a chance. As the relay winners, the four players around team captain Sarah Brähler then received TuS Wunstorf in the final round on their own facility. After the 1: 3 after the individual, however, disillusionment set in. Win both doubles against the strong Wunstorfe women? That would be difficult. Carried by the positive energy of the many spectators on the tennis court in the southern part of the city, Fiona Übermuth and Sarah Brähler made a furious start in the first double against seemingly surprised guests and quickly led 6:2 and 5:1. The second double also harmonized brilliantly and suddenly there was a sensation in the air. But there was also a thunderstorm and ensured that the doubles could only be played on the following day. Double one brought home the clear lead. The second double, however, had to admit defeat in the match tiebreak with 10:12. A strong team performance ensured that progress was tangible.

For the green-yellow fans, the quartet were the big winners, which prompted a club member to give the team the right setting for a great team celebration: there was plenty of celebration with delicious pizza, pasta and drinks and on top there was a gift Trophies for everyone.


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