Tambwe offers himself a double, Tiberghien gets a hole

Madosh Tambwe turned Clermont heads, Cheikh Tiberghien totally missed himself. AFP

The talent of Madosh Tambwe, the precision of Anthony Belleau but also this pass completely missed and directly sanctioned by Cheikh Tiberghien… Our tops and our flops after the draw between Clermont and Bordeaux-Bègles (23-23).


Madosh Tambwe, a rocket in orbit

The Congolese winger of the UBB risks becoming a big attraction in this Top 14 version 2022-2023. In the first period, he offered himself a try from nowhere on the right wing by hitting a mini-candle just above his direct opponent before recovering the leather and flattening in the in-goal. A gesture of class which allows his people to return to the game just before the break, at the best of times. In the second half, he allowed UBB to take control by chasing a pass from Jalibert on foot before making his speed speak to score. A full and promising match for the future.

Anthony Belleau precise and efficient

It is to its opener that ASM owes this draw this Saturday. Scoring the penultimate penalty of the match, he allowed the Auvergnats to avoid a boring defeat at home after leading by 14 points. Overall, the yellow number 10 offered a successful performance with 100% successful passes and a total of 40 meters gained. Effective in his breakthroughs, he was also very relevant in his kicking game, even finding a 50/22 in the first period. He will easily be forgiven for his final missed penalty at nearly 50 meters.

Bautista Delguy, the twirler

The Argentinian winger caused a lot of headaches for Bordeaux defenders, especially in the first half. It was he who first opened the scoring by breaking a tackle before flattening just to the right of the poles, after good work from Bézy. A few moments later, he managed a superb defensive comeback on an action initiated by Jalibert. A real will-o’-the-wisp, he sowed discord on each of his ball shots.


Cheikh Tiberghien, a badly felt pass

But what has stung Cheikh Tiberghien? While the Clermontois led by four points, the 22-year-old rear attempted a completely missed side pass which benefited Matthieu Jalibert who did not ask for such an offering. The action will culminate in the second Bordeaux try signed Tambwe. A blunder that considerably tarnishes his performance.

Sipili Falatea in delicacy

Like Tiberghien, his responsibility is directly engaged on one of the four tries of the game. Late in his intervention, he left Bautista Delguy plenty of time to score the first try of the game (18th). In great difficulty in the duels, he only managed 56% of his tackles and his exit coincided with the return to form of the pack of Girondin forwards. A match to put directly into oblivion for the pillar.

Thomas Jolmes too little impact

The 2nd line from Bordeaux did not bring his usual niaque in the rucks. On Delguy’s first try, he gets sucked in and climbs too quickly on his vis-à-vis, thus opening up space for Sébastien Bézy. Out in the 49th minute, he suffered defensively during the first act and was dominated by his direct opponents.



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