SPORTS / Racquet sports, swimming, martial arts, Fitness Day and the popular ‘Run for parkinson’s’ race on the last weekend

The 43rd edition of the Guadalentín Sports Games is entering its fifth and last weekend with a calendar full of activities until next Sunday. Tomorrow at 6:30 p.m. in the Guerra theater the last of the conferences of this year’s theoretical-practical block will take place. The prestigious researcher Catherine L’Ecuyer will offer a talk entitled ‘Educating attention’ with free admission. Also tomorrow the Intersport Zurano Padel Trophy starts at the Los Álamos sports club. A competition that will last until Sunday, the day the final phase will be played, as in the case of tennis. Two other racket sports, squash and badminton, will also be present with the junior regional Open at the CDFelipe VI in the case of squash and the final of the badminton championship at the Juan Zurano pavilion.

The Lorca district of Zarcilla de Ramos will have a special role this weekend with two tests: the Zarcilla Sprint Rally that reaches its twenty-first edition and the I Almirez Zarcilla Bike that debuts on the JDG calendar. Another novelty is the I International Petanque Championship with more than 300 players from different countries who will meet on Saturday and Sunday at the Huerto de la Rueda. Another national event is the Spanish Heavy Lance Championship that will be held on the Serrata track on Saturday from nine in the morning.

Martial arts will be represented through the interclub children’s karate championship and the regional senior judo championship, both at the Felipe VI sports complex, which will also host the fencing exhibition and an open day with Fitness Day. In another of the city’s sports complexes, San Antonio, the XI City of Lorca Swimming Trophy will be held. It will be on Saturday afternoon from 4:00 p.m.

The most important popular test of the weekend will be the Run for Parkinson’s popular race that is included in the Ruta091-Kilometros solidarios organized by the National Police and that has a charitable character, since all the proceeds from the inscriptions will go to the Lorquina Association of Parkinson’s patients (ASLEP). It will be from 11 am with departure from the Plaza de la Policia Nacional. About 500 runners of different ages are expected to participate.



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