Sporting will become independent in Mareo

Sporting finalizes the public presentation of the Mareo reform project, already visible in the facilities with the closure of the futsal pitch. A renewal that will mean a change in infrastructure towards greater independence from the first team. The Sporting work area will share the minimum spaces with personnel and components of the base. It will be one of the many details of a reform without new buildings, beyond the covered field located on field number 10, advanced by LA NUEVA ESPAÑA. Orlegi will also emphasize a new work philosophy marked by aspects that go beyond the “bubble” sought for professionals.

The first team will lose presence on the first floor of the Mareo building, to gain more independence on the ground floor, where the dressing rooms for both Sporting and Sporting B are currently located, in addition to other spaces such as the clinic or the gym. The idea contemplated by Orlegi within the reform project includes expanding some of them, as is the case of the first team locker room and the gym itself.

The group likes a lot a philosophy adopted in the construction of the Atlas sports city: that when leaving the locker room, the soccer players have to physically go through the area of ​​Sciences Applied to Sports (clinic) and the gym before being able to access the training ground. And vice versa. Unlike what is projected in Guadalajara, which is a new construction, the current state of the Mareo facilities offers some limitation for its adaptation.

The plans also include giving prominence to the base with the recovery of the residence as a star project. It will be located on the first floor of the building, as LA NUEVA ESPAÑA advanced, with the bedrooms, dining room and kitchen being rearranged. On that floor there will no longer be rooms available for the first team players, something that was enabled until now, being used on concentration days in Mareo. Abelardo’s team will concentrate in a hotel in the city when necessary.

Another of the great novelties is the open study room for youth players, which is already in operation. This initiative has two monitors in charge of coordinating the children’s work. The classroom is mainly aimed at users of the four bus lines that transport players who live in different parts of Asturias to Mareo during the week. This initiative is included in the project baptized by Orlegi as “Mareo 360”.


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