Soccer. Coach sentenced to six years in prison for child molestation

Soccer.  Coach sentenced to six years in prison for child molestation

A 29-year-old football coach, a repeat offender, was sentenced on Tuesday to six years in prison for sexual assault against a nine-year-old boy, we learned on Wednesday from a judicial source.

The facts, as reported by Progress date back to between May 2020 and April 2021 when this man slept in the same room as the child when he was invited to his parents’ home in the Lyon region.

A heavier sentence than that requested by the prosecution

The court went beyond the requisitions of the prosecution, which had requested a six-month prison sentence and the revocation of a probationary suspension of two years, pronounced in 2020 by the Lyon criminal court which had sentenced him for touching of minors.

Despite a ban on exercising an activity related to minors, now definitive, the man, who admitted at the hearing on Monday his “love for children” and declared that he “can’t grow”was a football coach for under-10s in the Saint-Etienne region.

The court also pronounced against him a registration in the Automated judicial file of perpetrators of sexual or violent offenses (Fijais), a socio-judicial follow-up and a five-year ineligibility sentence, as well as a treatment order under penalty of two additional years in prison.


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