slept 3 years in a square, met the luxury of Qatar and flirts with his old love

Restless as on the lawn, to Emiliano Vecchio it has been difficult for him to settle down. More than a dozen teams have seen the hitch go by that in these hours, after its remarkable performance against Rosario Central, questioned its continuity in Racing. “The idea is to get to December and see what I do. I’m a bit exhausted, my family is far away. I will try to give my best to achieve what is important and then I will see, ”she warned. If her departure materializes, it would not be the first time that she would leave before her time. The constancy has not run parallel to his indisputable talent.

Central was and is his place in the world, although he also left there twice and both times with a sea in the background. In the Rosario club he took his first steps in the training categories and debuted in the first division at the age of the fifth division, 10 days before his 17th birthday and in a classic: It was on November 6, 2005 in a 2-1 defeat against Newell’s at Parque de la Independencia. That afternoon, Ariel Cuffaro Russo brought him in 32 minutes into the second half for Diego Calgaro. His debut in the top team came 38 days before that of one of his teammates in the 1988 category who later built a stellar career: Ángel Di María.

“Vecchio is a phenomenon and he plays against anyone. He is one of the great players of Argentine soccer. You put him in the Argentine National Team and he plays”, A glory of the club, Ángel Tulio Zof, praised him then. The expectations placed on him were great, but the transition to the first was difficult and he lost ground, especially when Néstor Gorosito was in charge of the team. At that time, only those who walked the corners of the club every day knew the story of that kid who he was juggling the ball, but he didn’t finish taking hold.

It was Vecchio who told it three decades later. “My dad was the breadwinner of the family. When he passed away, my mom, with a lot of effort, tried to get us forward. But we went through everything. We live three years in a square and we went to the fruit market to eat fruit that was thrown on the floor, and we also ate from the garbage,” he revealed last year in an interview on the IP channel.

Emiliano Vecchio made his debut in Rosario Central when he was only 16 years old. (Photo: Carlos Carrion)

Despite his ups and downs, the midfielder He was going to sign his first contract in 2007, but then an intermediary claiming to be his representative demanded a sum close to $500,000.the leadership headed by Horacio Usandizaga refused to pay and Vecchio left after having played only 20 games with the jersey of the scoundrel (10 as a starter) and having scored a goal, with a header, against Argentinos Juniors.

The kid from the Acindar neighborhood of Rosario traveled to Spain. He did a test at Real Madrid, but did not stay; he tried it in Fuenlabrada and Rayo Majadahonda, and ended up joining the Brazilian Corinthians. In the São Paulo giant he did not play even a minute and after a semester he was loaned to the little Grêmio Barueri. At that time, he got to try his hand at mixed martial arts.

I never playedThey didn’t even put me in soccer practice. So with a partner, who was also not taken into account, we went to do martial arts to keep up. I spent four months training jiu-jitsu, they offered me to fight and I accepted, ”he said. Total, He starred in 12 fights, of which he won nine. Anyway, he knew that his universe was soccer.

He returned to the country in 2010 and signed with Defensores de Belgrano de Villa Ramallo, with whom he achieved promotion to Federal A in June 2011 (he scored a goal in the final with Estudiantes de Río Cuarto). In early 2012 he crossed the mountain range to play for Unión Española. He had a very good season that earned him a transfer to Colo-Coloalthough his excursion was about to end shortly after it began, since he was about to be fired due to a rather striking situation: requested authorization to travel to Rosario, according to what he argued, for the burial of a brother who had died, but in reality it was to celebrate his wedding.

Unión Española was one of the two Chilean clubs for which Emiliano Vecchio played.  (Photo: Luis Acosta / AFP)
Unión Española was one of the two Chilean clubs for which Emiliano Vecchio played. (Photo: Luis Acosta / AFP)

“He (his brother) he is very bad, but he is not dead. I was going through a very special moment. And I only went to support him, to be with him, “Vecchio justified. And about his wedding party, he explained: “Everything had been planned for a long time. We had changed the date many times due to the theme of the tournament and we couldn’t postpone it any longer”. Thus, coach José Luis Sierra sent him to train with the subsidiary team for a couple of weeks.

In Colo-Colo he obtained two titles (Closing 2014 and Opening 2015) and stayed 36 months, the longest uninterrupted period with a club in his career. But he ended up leaving whistled by the fans and in conflict with the leadership. “I would have liked to stay, but I didn’t continue because the president wanted to pay me a pittance. That’s the truth. I think he deserved another treatment”, he complained.

A first stop of four months and 11 games at Qatar SC in Doha began a period of wandering which included steps for the Brazilian Santos (in which he played very little), the Emirati Shabab Al-Ahli and the Saudi Al Ittihad. In the middle there was speculation about a return to Central that did not materialize. For that frustrated negotiation, Vecchio aimed against the captain, scorer and idol of the scoundrel: Marco Reuben. “I know someone gave me the thumbs down. Everything was closed according to Paolo Montero (the coach at the time) and the leaders. And, out of nowhere, he fell. Ruben was the only one who didn’t love me. I asked to speak to him and he never answered me.”, he accused in July 2017.

Emiliano Vecchio, smiling the day of his presentation in Qatar SC.
Emiliano Vecchio, smiling the day of his presentation in Qatar SC.

In February 2020, he signed a contract with Bolívar de La Paz. “In my life I have prioritized challenges and this is one of them,” she justified. But un month later, after playing seven games for the team led by Claudio Vivas, he returned to Rosario after soccer was paralyzed by the coronavirus pandemic and announced through the media that he would disassociate himself because the club, he said, would not pay him his full salary. He even announced that his intention was to return to Chile when the activity restarted.

On May 15, his colleagues accepted a three-month salary reduction and he, from a distance, opposed it. A day later, the president of the Bolivian club, Marcelo Claure, announced Vecchio’s departure. But not on the best terms. “We are going to make profound changes and only players who want to be in Bolívar will remain. First Termination: Emiliano Vecchio”, he wrote on his Twitter account.

In those days of football on hiatus, with the pass in his possession, with his differences with Marco Ruben already settled and after 13 years, he was able to finalize his return to Rosario Central: On August 10, he signed a contract for 18 months. “I am happy because I returned to the club of my loves, of which I am a fan. For some time I had been looking for this possibility, for a long time Cristian (González, the coach) believed that I could fit into his project and it happened naturally, ”he said then.

Emiliano Vecchio with Cristian González, the coach who promoted his return to Central in 2020. (Photo: Marcelo Carroll)
Emiliano Vecchio with Cristian González, the coach who promoted his return to Central in 2020. (Photo: Marcelo Carroll)

In his second cycle he combined very good performances, poor physical preparation and several controversies. The first occurred in January 2021, when the team’s physical trainer, Ernesto Colman, left his position. “The problem was with Emiliano Vecchio, with no other player. A captain must be the first to do good to the group and not the one who gets ahead of everyone. I never thought a player was going to say it was him or me,” Colman questioned.

Just a couple of weeks later, on February 15, during a match with Argentinos Juniors, he was involved in an argument with Andrés Merlos that was recorded by a camera and whose audio could be heard clearly due to the absence of the public in the stands. “He told me he had 30 green sticks”, the referee told goalkeeper Jorge Broun, who was trying to calm down his angry teammate. “I’m 20,” the midfielder retorted.

I told him I had 20 sticks. It was a lie. But he looked for that situation because he knew there was a camera behind the arch.. He had already disrespected us in previous matches and unfortunately I said what I said, ”she justified. And he was sorry for that crossing that earned him the nickname of Magnate.

Emiliano Vecchio played 56 games in his second cycle at Rosario Central.  (Photo: Marcelo Manera / AFP)
Emiliano Vecchio played 56 games in his second cycle at Rosario Central. (Photo: Marcelo Manera / AFP)

As almost always in his career, a cycle that had started well ended up dimming, this time after the departure of the Kilos González after a loss to Newell’s in March of this year. Leandro Somozathe new coach, told him at the beginning of April that he would not play until he did special physical conditioning work. At that time he was the team captain, so the decision fell like a bomb.

Since then, he only played 25 minutes in the 2-1 loss against Huracán on May 3 for the penultimate round of the Professional Soccer League Cup. That day he said that he wanted to stay “many more years at Central.” However, two weeks later he agreed to terminate the contract that linked him to the club until December 2023. “A fight was being generated that was of no use to anyone and the most affected was the club. I left so as not to extend a war”, he justified.

On June 3, he signed an 18-month contract with Racing. “TI like this challenge as the most important of my career”, he assured. In these months, part of that challenge was raised by his body. He had to lose eight kilos to get fit and also a tear in the inner calf of his right leg in a match with Independiente on July 10, kept him inactive for 50 days.

Vecchio and his last stop in Racing.  The question is: until when?
Vecchio and his last stop in Racing. The question is: until when?

Now it seems to be regaining its level. He made it clear on Friday, when he came on 10 minutes into the second half, took charge of the team, gave an assist, scored a goal and was key in the comeback against Central. However, after that victory he planted the seed of doubt about his future. Vecchio has a contract until December 2023, although the link includes a clause that allows him to terminate it at the end of this year. Will she execute her to return to her love club?

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