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A vibrant match for which both squads were at stake, since Atlético Bucaramanga took over the local team against a Junior from Barranquilla, matched wherever they are seen, at least in units. Bumangueses and Barranquilleros began the game with 21 points and whoever won was one unit away from eight. Sebastián Viera saved a penalty and the visit won again on the visit.

As soon as the match started, Junior dominated with a plugged-in Edwuin Cetré, but as usual, making poor decisions. On the left wing, he took a shot off the side looking for the far post, but it went slightly wide. After 25 minutes, Bucaramanga responded with a transition from defense to attack that Johan Caballero hurriedly finished at the hands of Sebastián Viera.

There were not many actions, beyond a marked physical game. Around 40 minutes, Fabián Sambueza changed front for Edwuin Cetré who overflowed, surpassed his mark and defined with the outside against the net that did not add up. He was able to cross and do something better, but he was selfish in finishing. The bumangueses tried with a soft header at the hands of Sebastián Viera, and then Sherman Cárdenas combined with Dayro Moreno who finished over the top.

Already in the complement, at 50 minutes, Edwuin Cetré controlled and tried to encompass Juan Camilo Chaverra who controlled in two halves. Sixty seconds passed and David Gómez in the other goal demanded Sebastián Viera who put his fists in and saved. Bucaramanaga continued attacking with Johan Caballero and the Uruguayan saved the corner. On that pitch, Viera went wrong and Didier Moreno cleared to the corner, but Junior was called for a foul.

The visit waited for the error of Michel Acosta in an exit. Luis González won the ball, played with Carmelo Valencia who combined with the Venezuelan again and with a point they beat Juan Camilo Chaverra. A goal that extinguished what Bucaramanga did, despite the fact that Dayro Moreno was able to score from the penalty spot, but Sebastián Viera saved.

With a left-footed shot from Carlos Henao that was saved by a defender, Junior was saved, but finally, he was left with three vital points. On the next date, Atlético Bucaramanga, who has few options to qualify, will face La Equidad at home, and the Barranquilleros will host Unión Magdalena in the coastal classic.



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