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Triumph. The lack of ideas was evident in Independiente Santa Fe’s game, but at the last minute, Wilson Morelo scored the only goal against Envigado to empower the club. They went from ninth to fifth place and are firmly in the fight for the classification. The envigadeños are even more complicated in the aspirations to enter.

As soon as the match began, Santa Fe took possession of the ball, but could not reach the Envigado grounds. The lack of ideas in the team led by Alfredo Arias was more than clear, although Matías Mier was in charge of trying to change the panorama on the pitch. The first action came at 24 minutes with a raise from Jonathan Herrera, he crossed and Joan Parra secured the ball without any problems.

Without much clarity, Santa Fe imposed its game, at 28 minutes, a divided ball in the Envigado area was left for Matías Mier who controlled and a defender closed. The ball was on its way to the goal and Joan Parra saved with ease. Again, Matías had the clearest in the first half with the Uruguayan’s weapon: the shot from outside the area, but Parra saved.

Wilson Morelo had little impact, although he tried to enter the area, his control went long and he ended up centering low so that Francisco Báez rejected it. Already in the plugin. Alfredo Arias moved the team with the income of Jonathan Barboza and Harold Rivera for Alejandro Moralez and Neyder Moreno respectively. Harold tested in the 49th minute, but went over the crossbar.

At 59 minutes, with Jeferson Rivas already on the court replacing Matías Mier, he sent a cross that Santiago Noreña deflected into his own goal, Joan Parra saved and Wilson Morelo took the rebound with a shot over the crossbar. At around 72′, an opening from the right ended with a cross from Edwin Herrera that Parra cut with his feet.

Daniel García came on for Jhojan Torres in the 74th minute and tried a personal move, but the outside mesh prevented the goal. Envigado had the clearest, one at 78 minutes with a personal move by Henry Mosquera. He assisted a solitary Jesús Hernández and in his intention to cross his shot, he went wide. The second, a shot off the crossbar by Daniel Arcila.

The one who does not do them, sees them do as the saying goes. Wilson Morelo took advantage of an error by Francisco Báez and crossing his shot against the vertical gave the Cardinals the victory. This is how the game ended, Santa Fe will receive Millonarios on Wednesday, October 5, while Envigado will receive Patriotas.



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