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Fernando Amador has been denounced by the victim after being attacked during a ‘battle’ in a gym in the Alicante town of Petrer

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The Spanish break dance coach, Fernando Amador, resigned on Wednesday, three days after slapping a former student of his in a gym in the Alicante town of Petrer, during a ‘break battle’ in which several participants violently clashed .

On the eve of the Break Dance World Cup, a discipline that will premiere at the 2024 Paris Games as an Olympic sport, the president of the Spanish Federation of Sports Dance (FEBD), Luis Vañó, accepted this Thursday the resignation of Fernando Amador, known as Flex Nando. Fernando Amador expressed “his most sincere regret for him” for his behavior in the event held on Sunday in Alicante.

Fernando Amador’s slap in the face of a former student went viral on social networks and forced the resignation of the sports director of breaking at the FEBD. The best Spaniard in this specialty, Laura García from Granada, even threatened through a statement not to compete in the imminent World Cup in Seoul if Flex Nando was not dismissed.

According to the images of a video uploaded to the networks, Fernando Amador grabbed a 19-year-old boy by the neck and gave him a potshot moments later. The victim was for several years under the command of the former national coach, but a few months ago he decided to change coach. Fernando Amador has been denounced by his former student, providing a report of injuries and a video of the assault in the judicial evidence.

The day before Flex Nando presented his resignation, the FEBD published a statement in which he censured the attitude of the former sports director and issued the following statement: «The events did not occur in an act or event of the FEBD, nor on behalf of it. Despite the above, we reject and condemn Flex Nando’s attitude. From the first moment, all the appropriate explanations were asked of him, showing Flex Nando his most sincere regret. We continue to trust in the professionalism of Flex Nando to remain at the forefront of FEBD breaking. Notwithstanding the foregoing, we have transmitted to Flex Nando that these types of events -or similar ones- have no place in our sport, nor can they and should not happen again, since, otherwise, the FEBD will adopt other types of measures » .



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