Santander League | Cadiz – Espanyol

Cadiz y Espanyol tied two at the Nuevo Mirandilla stadium after playing a entertaining encounter with several phases, because the locals handled the first half and the final stretch better and the visitor was superior for many minutes of the second half.

In Spanish, Diego Martínez returned ownership in the goal to Lecomte, leaving the untouchable Joselu in the leadand on the other hand, Sergio González had his usual block, Zaldua entering on the right side to replace the suspended Iza Carcelén.

Cádiz started with impetus and brushed the goal in the first minute when a header from Rubén Sobrino to Zaldua’s center went a bit wide. Zaldua appeared again in attack to center and cause a corner kick.

With hardly any visitor danger and timid local approaches The final stretch of the first half was faced when Cádiz opened the scoring after a throw-in. Luis Hernández hung the ball in the area and Lecomte’s erroneous start allowed Chust to score at will.

Cádiz had been better in the first 45 minutes, to which something else was added when the game was stopped so that the medical services could attend to a fan.

He changed the script at the beginning of the second half, with Espanyol thrown up in search of a tie that he achieved in just five minutes. After a couple of approaches, a center from the left reached the far post and Joselu did not forgive. The blue and white striker won Chust’s back and finished off with a quality header to open the game again.

wanted more Espanyol was already about four minutes later to get the 1-2 when Aleix Vidal crossed towards Puado, but the Argentine goalkeeper Ledesma won the game in heads-up, who again saved a Cádiz locked up behind. This time, the goalkeeper deflected a dangerous shot from Puado with a changed hand.

The next time Espanyol did score. A precise inside pass by Edu Expósito left Joselu in front of Ledesma and the striker turned the score around with a dry shot at the near post.

Until 72 minutes Cádiz did not appear in attack, forced by the situation, with a very wide shot from Rubén Alcaraz, but Joselu wanted to finish off the job with a hat-trick and was about to achieve it on the half-turn, but his weak shot was caught by Ledesma.

However, despite the visiting dominance, it was Cádiz who scored. An internship in the Espanyolista area of ​​’Pacha’ Espino ended with a pass to Lucas Pérez, who arrived strongly from behind and did not miss the gift of his partner to equalize.

The tie spurred Cádiz on, who went up in search of a third goal. A cross from Ocampo to the second post facilitated a shot by Álex Fernández that Lecomte miraculously saved with just two minutes remaining in regulation time, but the clearest was a long-range free kick shot by Lucas Pérez that crashed into the Espanyol crossbar.


2 – Cadiz: Ledesma, Zaldua, Luis Hernandez, Victor Chust, Hawthorn, Fede San Emeterio (Alex Fernandez, m.57), Ruben Alcaraz (Jose Mari, m.81), Ivan Alejo (Brian Ocampo, m.64), Theo Bongonda (Lozano). , m.57), Reuben Nephew and Negro (Lucas Perez, m.64).

2 – Espanyol: Lecomte, Fernando Calero, Sergi Gómez, Leandro Cabrera, Brian Oliván, Sergi Darder (Keidi Bare, m.75), Vinicius de Souza (Pol Lozano, m.87), Edu Expósito (Óscar Gil, m.87), Aleix Vidal (Lazo, m.75), Nico Melamed (Puado, m.37) and Joselu.

Goals: 1-0, M.41: Víctor Chust. 1-1, M.51: Joselu. 1-2: M. 67: Joselu. 2-2: M.77: Lucas Pérez.

Referee: Alejandro José Hernández Hernández (Canary Committee). He admonished the cadistas San Emeterio (m.32), Víctor Chust (m.41), Zaldua (m.47) and Ocampo (m.69) with yellow cards. and the espanyolistas Nico Melamed (m.13), Aleix Vidal (m. 68), Óscar Gil (m. 92) and Brian Oliván (m. 93).

Incidences: Match of the eighth day of LaLiga Santander played at the Nuevo Mirandilla stadium before 16,572 spectators.



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